Slow labour at 24weeks!!!

Im so scared for my baby girl for 2weeks i was told i was having practice contractions and sent home from hospital but im now 1cm dilated and they carnt stop it :cry:


  • why cant they stop it?
    i was having contractions last monday and was dilating and they stopped it?xxx

    Because sometimes they just can't, although I think at 24 weeks the baby is viable and they can give steroids to develop the lungs. This happened to my SIL at 22 weeks and sadly she gave birth to a little boy who didn't live longer than 10 minutes....
  • aww hun. I'm so sorry, I'll be keeping everything crossed for and say a prayer for you. Hope everything works out ok and keep us posted.
  • How much did you dilate? they already tryed stopping it
  • they will always try and stop it but it doesnt always work! if they can't stop it u will def be given steroids to develop the lungs. my friend gave birth to a baby girl at just under 24 weeks due to pre empclampsia she nearly lost her life, but she and baby both survived and her little girl is a fit and healthy 2 year old now. i'm sure ur little girl will be a fighter! thinking of u xx
  • Aren't we all slightly dilated anyway somewhere between 1-2cm? 4cm is established labour isn't it?

    At 24 weeks your baby as a very good chance.... fingers and legs crossed for you xxx
  • Iv been given 2 steriod injections 2 mature her lungs shes quite big for 24weeks so i really hope she'l be ok x
  • when do u have to go back in?? when ur contractions r closer 2gether??
  • Keeping my fingers crossed for you hon - I hope that your labour ceases and your little one stays put for a while longer - every day at this stage will do her good.


  • I've read somewhere either in a book or on the net or been told I'm certain that it can be quite normal for some people to be slightly dilated between 1-2 cm. If they had stopped labour for my SIL she was told she would have remained dilated at whatever stage she was at when the contractions stopped
  • I never heard of been dialated without going into labour or actually been in labour. Wen i had my son i went overdue and had a sweep at 41wks at this point the mw cudnt even do the sweep properly because my womb was still really high and my cervix was tightly closed. I wudnt have thought it was normal to be dialated without labour in sight, whether they stop it or not. Hope ur okay and im sure baby will be just fine, gud luck. Kerry xxx

  • Hi just an update thanks for every1s thoughts im stil in hospital cum on here on bedside patientline things im 3cm dilated now and my waters have started to leak x
  • Wow, sound like things are moving pretty quick for u, lots and lots of luck hun, im sure u and baby will be just fine. Kerry xxx

  • Fingers crossed for you chick. I'm sure that they will do everything they can for you and your lo
    Kerry xx
  • Any news Katy2, hope u and baby are okay, thinking of you, Kerry xxx

  • hope things are ok hun. My friend had a prem baby and i just want to reassure you that Neo-natal wards are wonderful places, with amazing staff who will take care of your little girl until she can come home with you!
    hope you and lo and well
  • hope all is ok,will be thinking of you,hanna xx

  • Hi iv had my baby girl at 24+3 on 3rd may at 16:40 weighing tiny 1lb 2oz she doing really well just taking everyday as it comes il get sum pics posted x
  • Congratulations chick, glad to hear she is doing well.
    Kerry xx
  • Wow, big congratulations hope u and baby are both well. Kerry xxx

  • Congratulations! Hope you are both doing well, sending you lots of love. X
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