Head engaged?

Just a random question really... What does it feel like when the baby's head engages?? Does it feel any different?


  • i cant remember properly but as my son was engaging i felt lots of pressure in my pelvis and this continued until the end. that was the only differance i noticed but ebery1 might be differant.
    holly. 35+5
  • Ollie was engage for about 10 weeks before he was born and to be honest I couldnt have told the difference....

    this one has been in and out of being engaged and I still havent felt any difference... none that I've been able to really notice anyway...

  • Yeah, I did wonder if my baby's head had fallen into my pelvis cos I found his heartbeat with my Angelsounds on my bikini line and I'm getting some very odd sensations down below lol!!
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