I'm 12 weeks gone and as my sickness is easing off now. I can think about food again!! YAY!

So what is your favorite pregnant food? I love potato waffles with salt and vinegar. Also spaghetti hoops on toast. Nothing too exotic just yet, but I love prawn curry. Pasta bakes are yummy too, especially Tuna!

Can you give me some more ideas for yummy dinners??

Looking forward to hearing from you ;\)


  • Hi Yummy Mummy, I have an obsession with proper winter food at the minute, like stew and cheese and potato pie, ummmmm
  • lol your lucky. i still don't have an appetite although my sickness went last week. i'm happy muching melon. struggle to eat a meal, even a small one. was living on cuppa soups but had a lecture about eating them from someone as they aren't healthy. (well it was healthy living soup LMAO)
  • lol, I also lived on soap too. I still like it now. It's good in a way that i've got my appetite back - but that can only mean one thing....piling on the pounds!!!!!!

    I put on nearly 3 stone with my first. I'm 5ft7 and normally weight 9 stone. I looked awful by the end! My oh called me 'hamster face' as I looked like I'd been stuffing nuts and goodies in my pouches (10 chins!!) But seriously it really didn't suit me being overweight and I wasn't happy. It took a year to get back to my normal size.

    My sis said the best thing to do is not go crazy and think that cuz you're pregnant you can eat what you want all the time.

    What's the best way to stay healthy through pregnancy??
  • lol i'm eating fruit salads more than anything else lol it makes life easier
  • I have been lucky. I weighed 11st 7 pre-pregnancy and was a size 14, I've only put on 3lbs so far and determined to keep it up - although I havent been starving myself or anything...

    I love cheese, it's all I eat really. I love roasted vegetables too and eat them every night, or pasta with cheeeeese. Soup too! Tomato soup mmmm. I havent really ate any meat since I got pregnant. I've gone off it, particularly chicken, yuck!
  • i am nauseas alot and my appetite isnt very huge the doctor says its normal but i have actually lost a little
  • The whole time I have been pregnant I have eaten tomato soup LOADS!! Most days at luch its all I can manage!! I never suffered morning sickness at all but just felt quesy alot of the time
  • To all the ladies who have morning sickness, have you tried the preggie pop drops? They're sweets from America using all natural ingredients. They really helped me. Especially the sour apple flavour.

    Got mine from ebay:
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