I'm not having my booking in scan till I'm 15+1 weeks gone, as our MW have been inundated with preggy ladies...must be something in our east anglian water!! Is there any chance they will be able to tell me what sex the baby is? I have read you can tell at 14/15 weeks sometimes.....Thanks

Garfield and Bump 14+1 :lol:


  • not really!! if they do it wont be definite! espeically if its a girl! i had a gender scan at 16 weeks and they said they think its a girl! so i couldnt buy anything pink!! i had my 20 week one last week and it did turn out that she was def a girl but cos i didn't know for sure i never bought anything!! also the sonographer at my 20 week scan said 16 weeks is a bit to early to tell what the gender is so i'm guessin 15 will be too early. if it is a boy and he has all his bits hanging out then maybe they will be able to tell you lol. anyway there is no harm in asking!!
  • We had a scan at 15 weeks and they told us we are having a boy and they confirmed it again at my 21 week scan. I think it depends how clear they can see baby and scan woman said that they can tell more easily with if it is a boy, whether this is true or not I dont know, but ask anyway while you are there they might be able to tell, you never know.

  • Might depend on your hospital, I had my dating scan late and we asked but were told that even if they can see they aren't allowed to tell you before 18 weeks due to the risk of getting it wrong. Probably worth asking though.
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