20 week scan question

Morning ladies and bumps, ive got my 20 weeks scan on thurs and was wondering do i need to have a full bladder as i did for the 12 week one?
Ive not had a letter or anything to tell me and my midwife doesnt seem to exist anymore!!


  • hiya congrats on your 20 week scan mine isnt till 19th nov so exciteed anyhoo my ketter said yes i need a full bladder, so i will be, hope that helps a little x


  • for any scan you have done it is best to have a full bladder, so they can get a clearer reception/look at the baby.

  • hello,yeah you do need a full bladdor,though half way through my scan i had to go and empty mine as the baby was wriggleing so much so i think the scan man was hopeing it would calm down!....nope!lol, hence why we couldnt find out what we are having as it was wriggleing so much.hope you enjoy your scan,feels like ages ago i had mine,it is a wonderfull experience seeing them on the screen.

    sammie&bean 32 weeks 2 days
  • for my 20 week scan i was asked to drink 1.5 pints 1 hour before the appointment and not empty my bladder until the appointment was over.
    hope that helps.
    good luck.
  • I was told I didn't need a full bladder, but I had hardly no bump so decided to drink a couple of tall glasses of squash, the pictures were really clear, but baby decided to bury its head really low down so they couldn't finish scan! Went back two days later without a full bladder and they still got a good picture
  • no u shouldnt need a full bladder.you only really need a full bladder when you have your dating scan and 12 week scan because everything is so small and the full bladder brings everything forward and makes things easier to find.where as with your 20 week scan your baby is large enough to get to without a full bladder.x
  • I was told a full bladder wouldn't be necessary at 20 weeks. I had an empty bladder (caused myself some pain at the 12-week scan due to drinking about 85 pints beforehand - water, obv, not beer! - and didn't want a repeat of that) and the scan was very clear.

  • i never needed a full bladder for any of my 20 week scans x
  • Hi. Just to add to your confusion with my first baby I went with an extremely full bladder and got huffed and puffed at as I had to go to the toilet-they were already very far behind appointment times. had my 20 week scan last week and went with an empty bladder and got some brilliant photos so I'd say no! Hope that helps x
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