hola ladies...
hope ur all feeling well!!
just wonderin, any1 experinceing pain low down- like a sharp pain 'very low down'... it happens so mch- im guessing he mst be pressing on something???... also any1 feel like thr lungs are being squashed?...i cant lie down without feelin uncomfortably breathless... i dread going 2 bed as its so uncomfortable.... is it possible for baby to get just big to carry?... im 27 weeks, if im struggling like this now, im dreading wat ile be like ina few weeks times... i have a growth scan this week..... my bump is hugeeeee- ppl keep asking if im havin twins..
this preg is totally diff 2 my first...


  • Try sleep propped up with a load of pillows behind you that should help you breathe a bit easier! and yea, keep getting a small sharp pain every so often--everytime it happens its like "oh dear baba is doing her gym routine again" :lol: unforch this is totally normal you may find after the birth that you were all water i have twice already!

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