snapping and stressed..?

hiya girlies and bumps..
Hope everyone is ok..?
ive been feeling really down today and snapping at everyone for no reason.. even when my OH kisses me it annoys me cos hes in my face.. is anyone else feeling like this or did?

Nikki xxxx 33+5


  • well..... my fella keeps offering me 'sausage' but i'm really not interested!!

    Cheer up sweetie, we all have grumpy days - I'm only 5 weeks so being sick is about all at the mo! x

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  • hahahahaha! snow angel, i think we've got the same OH lmao. when ever i mention food or that i"m hungry he always asks 'u want sausage?' pervert!

    nikki, yep i've been very snappy lately and my poor OH gets the full brunt of it, i've been extremely irritable and bless him he tries to do something to cheer me up like tickle me or tease me but it just makes me worse, poor sod


  • haha - men think we love sausage obviously!! Well there are some days I just don't!!

    If it tasted like chocolate however, that would be very different!! :lol:
  • Thanks for ur replys girls im glad im not the only one.. Men are all the same arent they lol. bless them.

    Hopefully it will pass soon i hate feeling like this because i dont know whats wrong with me, which winds me up even more lol i cant win xxxx

  • morning ladies and bumps!

    i've never been so snappy in my life! Its driving me mad so i dread to think what its doing to oh. He is a saint for putting up with me really....


  • Dh leaned over in bed to give me a hug other day and i nearly thumped him. he was so shocked til i told him that i hadnt slept well due to spd aches in hips and then was bit more understanding. now he always asks! lol
    Filo x
  • the poor men....

    nah - I don't feel sorry for them at all to be honest - they don't have to carry it for 9 months and go through Labour and all the body changes!! (typical rant for a woman I think!) :lol:
  • Im a total feckin bitch at the moment lol
    Wish hubby would just take it, but he shouts back!! Grr!! lol

    He keeps saying 'stop shouting at me!!' hehe

    Even when he tries to kiss and hug me, im like 'Oh get off me, your squashing me, your bugging me, your annoying me etc etc' and he's like 'Oh you dont love me anymore' LOL


    I snapped at my mum last night too, she said the same thing 3 times and i shouted 'Right i heard you the 1st time, for god sake!!!' lol
    I felt bad after it tho image

    Im sure we will all be our lovely selves again soon lol
    Sharon x

  • Definitely with you on this one. I can't seem to stop snapping at my dh at the moment, feel so sorry for him too. We're just back from a weekend break in the Highlands and I kept finding things to moan about or shout at him for, poor thing! I have always been moany (at least I'm honest!) but it seems to be out of control just now image

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