Stomach Swelling

Hi all, i was just wondering if you could give me some advice. I found out i was pregnant last week but unfortunatley me being a complete ditz, we dont now how far along i am, either about 10 weeks becuase that the last time i can remember my last period or about six if i had one after that the last time. Im still trying to work it out but i cant seem to fit into my trousers and my stomach is swollen. Is this normal for about 10 weeks or did any of you expierence this at early stages.
Jo x:\?


  • hi this is my second pregnancy and id say yes its normal to get stomach swelling really early on, but its more bloatedness than baby. congrats!!;19;29/st/20080523/dt/5/k/1ec5/preg.png

  • I am 12 weeks with my first and i have a bit of a bump already i couldnt get into some of my jeans from about 4 weeks ago. Everyone keeps joking its twins as they run in my family, guess i will find out at scan this week.

    It may be that you are around ten weeks rather than 6 especially if you cant remember a period after that.

  • I would say the majority of women probably only develop little bumps around 12 weeks with their first, however if this is not your first could be 6 weeks - this is when my boobs did most of their growing and I had a definite rounding!!

    Congrats anyway, I'm sure you're not the first and they'll be able to tell you a bit more when you have your dating scan (which in your case could tell you you're either around 12 weeks or 18 weeks!!!)

    Good luck

  • i'm only approaching 6 weeks with my first, and my tumm is really swollen. can't fasten my pants, only my fat pants!. hope this helps.
  • aww thanks girls for your help, im still waiting to hear from my local midwife which was a week ago i registered at the doctors that i was pregnant. just waiting to get the date of my scan so hopefully i will find out then. Hope this pregnancy goes well already had one miscarrage and i just hope it goes well. xx
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