Low bump!

The last week or so my bump looks stupidly low!

My baby was fully engaged 2 wks ago so I know its not that....if he gets any lower he will fall out! It's always been low - so low I've never had breathlessness at all - but this just looks ridiculous. None of my clothes fit (not even maternity clothes or OHs clothes!), there's always a good few inches of bump hanging out...must be lovely for other people to see my stretchmarks!! :roll: Tho I've loved my bump all thru the pregnancy I could do without it now, it just looks like a big droopy thing, lol

Anyone else had this??



  • Defo sound like ur lil man is going to be making an appearance soon. Its a good sign that ur bump is getting lower coz it means ur baby and body is getting ready for the birth. Not long now hope u get some labouring action soon. Kerry xxx

  • mines always been low, most people have only just noticed im pregnant now im 25 weeks and its getting a bit higher. i havent had breathlessness or heartburn but get alot of lower pains and sometimes feels like lo's going to 'fall' out
    havent had too many probs with clothes at the mo as im still not v.big but last week lo must of had a growth spurt because bump is sticking out at least 1 inch more!
    hope lo arrives soon for you hun and you feel better. have you got a bump band to help cover bump that sticks out of pants? you can get one in newlook for ??3 and would prob give you some much needed suppourt too.
    shaz xx

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  • Have you had any contractions/pains yet Tiger Lily? That son of yours has got to make an appearance soon!


  • Nope! Looks like he wants to take his time. I have hardly had even a Braxton hicks. Makes me doubt that I even am pregnant lol. I don't know what I expected on my due date but its been a very normal day. As for baby, I don't think he has a clue, he's still kicking away happily! xxx


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