TMI - Increase in vaginal discharge

I was wondering how many of you ladies are experiencing an increase in your discharge in the last few weeks of pregnancy?

I've noticed mine has increased and (sorry if tmi) can really soak my knickers to the point where I think my waters have broke. The discharge is a mixture of being clear and a creamy white colour, but not very thick just very slippery looking, if that makes sense ?!? :\?

I have found myself this last week constantly checking to see if discharge has turned into a loss of mucas plug or waters have broken but each time i'm disappointed when its just heaps of plain 'ol discharge. Man what I would give for a sign that my labour is on its way, all i'm getting is pains like a knife being driven up my vagina (again sorry if TMI) and a dull ache like before you get your period - not painful at all.

MrsW 38+2


  • I've been having this exact same thing for about two weeks now, i'm 36 weeks.

    I get "yeah, hmmm" from the consultant so I think its normal, I want to know if it'll lead to labour too!
  • Mrs.Weir thats exactly what im getting and i keep thinking "oooh this could be it" just to be let down. i mainly get the stabbing pain in my vagina when im stood up or walking, i think its splodge's head pushing down on things. Fingers crossed our lo's come soon and surprise us with an early arrival.

    Hannah 37wks xx
  • exactly the same i take it its normal as i dont get a ooh this is it from my mw! i think its just our bodies getting ready for the big day but i could really do without the stabbing pains down there they are really painful when it happens in public it must look like i have gone into labour!!!

    chloe 37+4
  • I get this as well and have to wear pantyliners all the time. I also find that i get the stabbing pain up my bum (TMI), but it seems to take my breath away. I hope it's a sign that things are moving along as not sure how much longer i can wait!!

    Kat 36+1
  • yup been getting that too, looks like a bloody slug has attacked me hahahahahahaha. As for the pains i get em at bedtime as i'm settling down to sleep
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