Could it be morning sickness back at 34 weeks!!!????

Hi Ladies,

I'm 34 weeks today and for the last 2-3 days I've been feeling REALLY nauseous. I haven't actually been sick but just feel really really nauseous all day long from when I wake till I go to sleep, appetite has gone - even when I feel a bit peckish I don't really feel like eating and I've had a few more bowel movements then normal and the stools seem to be more loose.

Weird though as other then that I don't feel ill, I don't feel flu'y, I just feel a bit more exhausted/tired.

The nausea is worse then it was in the first trimester - does this sound like morning sickness has reared its ugly head again in a big way?!?! :cry:

Eva x


  • Hi Eva, I am 35+2 and for the last 2 weeks I have been getting the same thing. It feels worse now I think as we're getting big and more exhausted.

    I have gone back to eating little and often and certain foods, or even the thought of them, makes me wanna vomit......even chocolate and puddings make me feel rotten!!

    I do hope this is normal, I have had my tests for aneamia and haven't heard anything.

    Claire x
  • hi. i am having the same thing. i'm 35 +3 weeks and have started to be sick and feel sick again. i also can't stand the smell of certain foods again, when i have been feeling ok. i think the baby is pressing on our tummies and making it hard to enjoy food!!! lol.
    i hope it passes soon as i was starting to enjoy my food again.xx
  • Glad to know its not just me then! I get no sympathy from OH, he said that I spend to much time reading things on these sites and I start having imaginary symptoms!!! Next time I go toilet I think I'll just wipe the tissue I use across his face and ask him how imaginary the diarrhoea is! :lol:

    Men, my OH has such a cheek, he is the ultimate hypocondriac! If he gets a pain in his chest he thinks he's dying from a heart attack :roll:

    Just hope I bare up okay this evening as I've got my maternity ward tour at 7:15!

    Eva xx
  • Hi Ladies

    Glad i'm not the only one, i've been suffering the nausea and the being sick again since about 33 weeks. I was hoping it was just a one off but i've had to go back to the eating little and often too !!

    Haven't felt any for a couple of days now so i'm hoping it has passed again. i'm 35 + 5 now.

    Sab x
  • I had the same in my first pregnancy and like Pen says I think it's just the baby pressing on your stomach. Despite all these annoying things you have to put up with I still miss being pregnant! Am I mad?! P.S. Hope u all feel better soon xx.
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