What a horrible day

Have been at the hospital since 8.30am with my lil man today (hes 5)

The past couple weeks hes had a painful leg, and today they x-rayed him to discover something around his hip. They then had to give him a blood test and hes been admitted - daddy has just swapped with me so i could come home and get some sleep. His bloods where back within the hr and theyre very positive so it ruled out anything nasty (dont need to spell out what...) Hes in traction at the minute to keep him rested and is having more tests tomorrow and should be home, hes done us so proud today - i cant believe the truely amazing, brave little man im bringing up, im honoured to be his mummy! Nothing to do with pregnancy, just feel so emotional with it all and wanted to let it out somewhere xxxx



  • He sounds like a very brave little boy, sounds positive thats his blodds came back ok, fingers and toes crossed for you, hope evrything goes ok and u have him back safe and sound tomorrow XxX
  • bless him..... hope hes home soon.xx
  • oh what a little trooper!!! Hope hes sorted and home asap xxx
  • He must be a very special little chap, bless him! You and your hubby are very brave too, this must be so hard for you both. I really hope everything gets sorted out and he comes home with you tomorrow. You're all in my prayers, God bless xxx
  • aww what a brave sweetheart! i hope everything goes ok and hes home very soon xxx
  • Thank you for all your kind words lady - really im amazed at how brave he was yesterday, so, so proud of him right now - please keep your fingers crossed he comes home today where he belongs - on my way to spend the day there now and hoping he comes back out with me xxxxx
  • Hi flower i have everything crossed that he's on his way back with you today and home where he belongs and where you can look after him and nurture him. He does sound like an absolute little star, a real trooper! Sending lots of love that all is ok xxxx
  • Really hope he is back home safe and sound soon. Take care x
  • he sounds like such a brave little man no wonder ur so proud of him. hopefuuly his let home today. let us know how he gets on

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