take that !!!!!

whoo-wooo i got my take that tix!! after 2 bloody hours of tryin!! im goin 2 sunderland coz the manchester gigs (where i live) are sooo close to my due d8.id b 39 week!! wudnt b a preety sight goin in 2 labour in front of 50,000 srangers!!lol!! but when i do go i will b 36 wk! wud it b safe goin that far gone?? any ideas r advice ladies?? thx 4 any replies
luv clare


  • I got mine too! Manchester on the 23rd june! lo will be 4 months old by then.

    I think you'll be fine to go at 36 weeks, see how you're feeling-if you're not up to it, you can always sell them on ebay-they're on there for hundreds all ready! I think it's awful to buy them just to sell on but if you genuinely can't go then i don't see the harm in making abit of money!xx
  • hiya

    i'm off to cardiff to see them!! can't wait just need gary to propose to me!

    i wouldn't worry about giving birth there just think if ya did free take that tickets for life!!

  • well i got my tickets after 45 minutes, booked for Cardiff, was so excited phoning my mum to say we were going until she asked what date, it was only then that I realised we're flying to Spain 2 days before! so gutted! So my mum now gets to go without me - and gloat! and wannabemummy, i think your luck maybe out on the proosal! His wife is due in January!! image ;\)
  • Well i didnt get any tickets but would have loved to go as they are in cardiff ,with 3kids to look after though dont think i would have got much of a chance!Heyhohope u all ave a fab time and blow lotsa kisses to howard for me wont you???:lol:
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