Adominal pain....did I do the right thing?

Hi ladies

I feel a bit silly asking this but would appreciate your thoughts on whether I have done the right thing please?

Late this morning (after having a v stressful morning work-wise) I got some funny pains in my bump that got so bad I was doubled over, this pain/cramp eased off but my bump was still painful and felt almost like there was an electricity current running all over my bump (it felt so strange and uncomfortable, like nothing else I've felt before).

I went to the toilet - everything was fine, no blood (and no change for loo visits later either). So I sat down and tried to stay calm/not do anything for a bit. The pain and funny electricity feeling seemed to get better, so I just had a stitch-like pain on one side.

As I was quite upset and worried (and couldn't get hold of my mum for her opinion) I called my doctors and spoke to the midwife. She didn't think it was contractions (as the pains were not reoccuring) and that it could be for all kinds of reasons (and more than likely would be nothing to worry about) but she suggested that I go to the hospital to get it checked.

Well, to cut a long story a bit shorter, i calmed down not long after....and felt quite silly, like I'd overreacted and maybe I'd caused it by getting stressed all morning. Junior (as we call him/her/the bump) started kicking lots, so I figured the baby is moving and must be ok... my mum called me back too and suggested that I just have a rest and if the pain returned to get straight up the hospital.

I did rest up for a couple of hours and tried to do less stressful work this afternoon - so far the pain has not come back and junior has been kicking for england! I'm just a little worried that maybe I should have gone to the hospital after all (but didn't want to overreact or waste their time). I am due to go to the hospital a week on Friday for my 23 week scan anyway. So, do you think I did right by not going to the hospital today? (I would feel so guilty if something was missed but then again I feel fine now.... just silly for panic-ing this morning).



  • all i can say is if ur having doubts as to whether u shld've gone to hospital is go now, if ur doubting urself for not going then its best to go and get checked just for piece of mind, none of the staff will think ur being silly and i'm sure they wld prefer u to go and be checked and confirm all is good when ur anxious about rather than sitting at home not knowing

    or give nhs direct or the hospital a ring explain the whole situattion that u were having pains but they've gone now and ur not sure if u shld get checked or not


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  • Thanks Siany, you're right that's a good idea.

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