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I'm back from having my early scan. They reckon I'm 5 weeks. Well thats the size of the sac at the moment no baby to be seen yet.
I got blood taken and my hormone level was 5298 is this good, I've to go back on sat and get more blood taken and then another scan next week.

I'm a little worried that they never saw a baby?



  • How come they are doing such an early scan? I only had an emergency cause they thought it was ectopic. They told me there was no point in searching for a baby that early as you would see nothing but sac. And why did they test your blood?for a reassurance on your pregnancy?
  • Hey - I had my early scan at 6+5 so I got to see the baby (well...the blob!)

    At 5 weeks the baby isn't visible from inside the sac, and your hormone levels sound good. Basically if at the hospital they didn't sound worried then everything sounds great x
  • The blood tests check for eptopic pregnanc if the baby can't be seen. If there is a problem and the pregnancy isn't where it should be then th hormone level will drop or will not have risen. They expect tit to double in 48 hours.

    All sounds ok though from what you have said. I had the blood tests and then I had a scan at 5 weeks and another at 7 just to be sure as at 7 they could see baba.
  • I saw a blob with a heartbeat at 7+5 i think it's quite normal to see just a sac at 5 weeks Are you having another blood test in 2-3 days they expect it to double (normally) early on. At 7+4 my blood HCG level was 91,000 but they only tested it once.

    good luck
  • Thanks Ladies, well I was having an early scan as wasn't sure if I was 5 weeks or 10 weeks due to spotting in Dec 4th, however, turns out I am only 5 weeks which is fine with me.

    They're checking my blood for eptopic, she said your levels will more than double, I've to go back on Saturday to get it done again.

    Also at the internal scan they found out I had a cyst on my left ovary, she said it was a couple of cm's. Anyone else had that I don't really know what will happen with that either. Gosh if its not one thing its another with me!!!
  • Hi Anne-Marie
    I'm 5 weeks too so we should be due same time (although I saw doctor today and he said 2 weeks which doesn't make sense to me since last period was 22 Nov so I'm sticking with 5). I'm no expert but I'd think it's completely normal for them not to see baby at 5 weeks, apparantly over next week baby should have a growth spurt and heart starts beating so hopefully at next scan things should be clearer. I'm not even seeing midwife til 14 Feb so thinking of booking a private scan so I've got reassurance that things are ok.
    Hope your next scan goes well
    Leanne xx
  • Hey Lea, I haven't got a due date yet but it must be the begining of September.
    I know they tell you not to worry but its easier said than done isn't it.
    I'll let you know how I get on, on Saturday
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