hello just some advice! acheing feeling down there!

hello everyone! im 30 wks today and past couple of days had these aching down below, feels heavy, its mostly when im walking around, feels better when i sit down,i rang labour ward as no where open as bank hols, she just said prob abby gettig bigger, (he was breech at lst appointment, buit midwife said it wouldnt matter)! just a lil concerned!!! its quite uncomfortable, thanks for listening! chels xxxx


  • Hey

    Just to say I also had that achey feeling with my last pregnancy and all was fine, think its also pelvis loosing so that it can expand for when you do finally go into labour. xxDBxx


  • thanks ladies for ur replys, just was alil worried, thats when it does get worse katie!! thanks again xx
  • Hi Bumpee

    I'm 32+1 and I've been feeling like that for the last week or so, as Katie says, particularly during the night. I'm carrying quite low also (am having a boy) and as I have quite a short torso, I'm guessing that baby's growing is putting a lot of strain on my ligaments. It just feels really uncomfortable during the day, but more painful during the night. Can't quite imagine being full term yet and what that must feel like!!!!!

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