glucose test and anti d

hey girls im now 25+3 and due to family having diabetes i have to go for a glucose test. it was booked the othe day when i went to see the midwife who was a standin dutch one who i didnt really understand!! any info anyone can give me all she said was i would be there for about three hours!!

i also have my anti d in 3 weeks is that just the one jab in the bum still or 2??
any info great cheers jema x x :\?


  • Hi Jema,
    Yep, i had to have one of these. You can't eat after about 10 the night before, then you go there first thing, they take some blood, give you some lucazade which you have to drink then the take your blood again one hour after then again after another hour, its just to see how your blood deals with sugar. Mine was negative for diabetis, i'd actually had sticky toffee pudding just before my original test which gave me a high reading!!! Its nothing to worry about, just take a good book with you as its a bit boring waiting!!!
  • lol thank you oh so it does take quite a while then !!! thats cool think i have had to have every test going !!! lol better safe than sorry though thank you x x x
  • Hi, my advise is, get their early, then you are the first one in. they prick your middle finger, test it then make you drink your loucozade, which faster you can drink it the better as your 2 hours starts from when you finish it. You must tell them when you have finished or you'll be sat there for hours. They test you again by taking blood from your arm; give you tea / coffee and toast and send you on your way. My hospital rang me that afternoon to say I was fine. It doesnt hurt, do take something to read, but the ladies I was with we all chatted along.
    It doesnt hurt and there is nothing to be scared off.
  • if you look up 4 d injections header, it also explains what happened to me with my anti d injection. x
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