people on the bus......

are damn rude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have been suffering from spd and was really painful today i left work at 3.30 which is school run time so i managed to walk down over a overpass and down 2 bus stops otherwise the bus drivers dont even stop as too many people this took half an hour as i was in so much pain then i finally got on the bus only for no one to get up 4 me i was pushing my bump out and rubbing it and was in obvious pain and it is obvious im pg anyway im 22 weeks today my coat hardly does up over my bump anymore lots of people were looking at my bump so i know they know i pg but still they dont get up ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i hate the damn rude ppl on the damn bus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anyone else have this problem?????


  • my mate was the same, she was massive and went into labour when she wasout shopping. she gt on the bus all with me after caling husband to meet her at hospital, as she was close. no one on the whole double decker bus would offer her a seat and she was almost on the floor as her legs were so weak. i was trying to keep her upright as she kept trying to sink down. i lost my cool and screamed at some young teenager about 17 about respect and obviously being blind to the signs on the bus. the bus waspacked and no one gave two fucks about the poor women.
  • Yes! But not on buses! I was going into the toilets in our local debenhams and it is long corridor, 3 people pushed(!!!) me out of the way on my way in and on my way out 2 people pushed me out of the way!!!! One wacked me on my bump and didn't say sorry! Despite only bening 14 weeks I have a rather large bump that on that day was VERY obvious. I grabbed my belly after the woman wacked me and she just looked at me! Came out of the loos fuming!!!!

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