burgled !!

hi all well as some of you may know from previous posts i had my blood results yetserday they all came back ok so my worries are settled now i got a new 20wk scan date for the 2nd of jan so am over the moon but also have to go on the 7th jan to hosp due to my last child been 5 week prem am a lil nervous but am sure all will be ok.
everything was goin great yesterday i heard flumps h.beat and apparently it was doing somersaults lol. then i went home only to find out i had been burgled thank god i left all my lil girls presents at my mothers house as i am spendin xmas there. i am upset tho knowing someone has been in my home and through my belongs they did not take too much but luckily but i cant bring myself to go bk their so am moving bk with mum . what is this world coming to i ask?


  • Poor you! Scummy behaviour - I don't understand how people stoop so low. Thank goodness you've got your mum to move back with and all the pressies are ok.
    Keep concentrating on your lovely flump! xx
  • i will do wezza it cud ave been much worse and at times like this i always think of others who are not as fortunate as myself.
  • good job you kept them at your mums, just think of the dissapointment of your lil girl's x-mas is it got ruined coz some ?'@#[]
  • Hi katie so sorry to hear that you have been burgled i know its slightly different but can understand why you dont want to go back. I had my car broken into in may and nver drove drove it since and sold it. I know a car is different but the thought of someone else being there.

    Hope you feel better soon xx
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