I think I may of felt bubbles...

but i'm not sure i'm 15 weeks on sat and this is my first child... it was such a small feeling i cant be sure but when it happened it poped into my head right away oh thats the baby... I was laying still at night in bed...

what do people thing could it of been? xx


  • Hiya hun,
    I'm at exactly the same stage as you and think I might have felt baby in the last few days too so it could be!
    I can't wait for the real kicks!!xxx
  • I felt similar feelings to you at that stage but it is my 3rd.

    You described exactely what I felt so I do think its bubba letting you know they are there. So what if it is early - you might just be well tuned in to the way your body works!

    Love Lee xxxxx
  • we I knew i was pregnant at 3 weeks and we hadnt been checking dates or anything just letting nature take its course! I showed really early and had all the signs going lol so maybe! oh girls your stars for replying feel so happy now that i didnt just think a bit of opdd placed wind moved and it really was the little one! I felt at the time 'this feels special' xxx
  • No matter what is written in books and mags - everyone knows there own body better than anyone.
    Weird feeling aint it - i thought for a second - aah wind but then it was like no, someone is blowing bubbles in there lol
    A mothers instinct - you cant beat it!!!
    Love Lee xxxxx
  • Ur lucky feeling ur lo so early! image I was 16 weeks when I felt the first 'flutters' I remember sitting at work and going "oh, wow!" I knew what it was instantly. It is so special you're right and just goes to show ur lo is flourishing and enjoying a nice swim!

    G.x (34 weeks)
  • Oh I love it! my heart feel so full of love... to think its so tiny and swiming about doing summer salts as I seen in the scan ... I felt really over whelmed but in a beautiful way! hard to explain till you have felt it tho! blowing bubbles is how it physically feels but emotionally its a lot stronger! xx
  • your so lucky feeling your babies so early im 18 weeks with my 1st and i havent felt a thing!! keep sitting waiting!! hopefully it wont be long!!

  • Yup stop making posts about feeling your babies early girls. It's making me jealous even though I am 27+3! I didn't feel anything until 19 weeks.

    I think I must be deprived on the motherly instinct thing. I had nooo idea I was pregnant. I was also "100% convinced" (ahem!) I was carrying a little girl, so much so that I was going to buy some pink sleepsuits. My oh stopped me & lucky too as it's a boy, lol. xxx
  • Its only happened twice although I am greatful for that lol but be soo lovely when I can share it with my fella! xx
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