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Swollen ankles

Hi all.
i've been getting swollen ankles for a couple of weeks now but today they seem bigger?? I haven't even done much. I'm a hairdresser so stand on my feet all day and by the end of the day they are swollen but go down over night and are back to normal the next day, but today ive been off and been sitting most of the day and they seem bigger than normal and aching a bit. does anyone else get this? any advice welcome. Thanx


  • Hi Hales

    Mine do it all the time....have done since about 14 weeks (I'm now 23+3) - mentioned it to midwife and she said way to early to pre pre-eclamsia and more than likely carrying extra water and sometimes will be heat related (I can't get my wedding/engagement rings either!).
    Sometimes, on a particulary bad day they do hurt by the time I get home.

    I sit down all day, and only walk to the train station and back, slowly. They are always back to normal when I wake up!

    Do mention it to your midwife to be on the safeside but I really doubt it's nothing to worry about - if it is, they'll monitor you.

  • Thanx Rach. i will defiantly mention it to my midwife.
  • Hi

    Am currently wearing my wedding ring on my necklace and today have taken off my engagement ring, my fingers have started getting really warm (am normally cold blooded) so I took them off before they got stuck. They are definitely tighter, ankles are fine though. Will mention it to midwife but am fine as had my blood pressure checked yesterday and all is well.

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