Bit of a panic

Wondering if anyone has any experience of this.

I'm 7+1 today and have been doing a pg test every so often "just to check" (paranoid I know but it's my first and I'm terrified). So far the second line has been getting darker each time and the last few have been the same - darker than the control line. This morning I did one and the line was noticeably fainter than the last few times, and fainter than the control line. Can this mean anything other than that my hCG levels are falling & the pregnancy is failing? :\(

I know it's normal for hCG to level out & then dip at around 8 - 10 weeks but I'm a bit early for that.

One other thing - I did sort of force the wee out this morning because I didn't really need to go, and could only do a little bit. Could this affect the result?

I know I sound totally neurotic but you can imagine that I can't see this in a positive light. :cry:


  • Pinktoothbrush your a crazy lady lol stop doing pg tests!

    A test needs to be peed on for 5 secs in a stream of pee not a dribble.

    It would have been fainter if you didn't have much pee. You are worrying yourself unnecassarily matey relax and enjoy your pregnancy.

    Stop POAS your not ttc anymore lol old habits are hard to break though.

  • I should have explained - I did it in a cup, so it stood in the pee for the same amount of time as usual.

    Thanks though - you did actually make me smile so I feel a bit better already! :\)
  • PTB, I doubt this means anything and I think you're probably worrying over nothing. I did 5 tests in my first week and started to panic that one might actually show up not pregnant so thought I'd better stop lol

    I've had 2 early scans now and both times I saw a little blob on the screen so I know there's something in there.

    If you really are worried phone your EPU and ask for an early scan, that will put your mind at ease.

    And as CazA says, stop poas lol

  • Glad I made you smile hun.

    It's time to accept you are having a baby and no amount of tests is going to change that image

  • Hi PinkToothBrush, Its certainly a new one on me. I did two tests in one day and wen they were both positive i didnt test again, think u might be getting a little worked up over nothing. Ur hormone levels are changing all the time and at seven weeks unless uv had any bleeding U R STILL PREGNANT! Lol try to relax and enjoy ur pregnancy. Kerry xxx

  • Hey girls. Thanks for your replies - reading them has made me feel like a bit of a numpty (in a good way) which has made me relax a bit!

    I KNOW I'm more than likely worrying myself over nothing but you know when that feeling of dread just grabs you? - that's how I feel several times a day :\( The strange thing is I'm normally a very relaxed person with a strong belief that worrying won't change anything - I just can't get used to being this crazy lady!

    Thanks again.

    PS I'm going to take your advice and stop peeing on sticks as it's clearly not doing me any good!
  • I bet you a million pounds as soon as you have had your 12 week scan you will chill out, the first 12 weeks are a total nightmare. I you feel the urge to pee on a stick again give yourself a quick slap and eat some chocolate (chocolate fix's everything image
  • I'm really hoping so, CazA! (about chilling out after 12-week scan). I'll give myself a nervous breakdown if I carry on like this for 40 weeks.

    The problem with chocolate is that as fast as I buy it my husband eats it (he's worse than a woman with chocolate). Think I might have to keep a secret stash in my underwear drawer.

    It's his birthday today so I'm going to make him a big chocolate cake image

    Thanks so much all, phew for nice supportive women.
  • No Problem hun image
    If you are anything like me you will clam down after 12 week scan and then start panicking after about 17 weeks about the 20 week scan and then when you start feeling lo move if he/she doesn't move for over an hour you start panicking ha ha!! now I'm 30 weeks I'm worried that I'm unorganized (even though everything is ready, including hospital bag) and that I have no idea how to be a mum. The Joys of parenthood lol!

  • I wouldn't worry - the same thing happened to me and I went out & bought a cbd just to check so ur not mad AT ALL! I always peed in a cup rather than on the stick just to make sure, but apparently if u do this then you need to hold the stick in there longer than if you'd done it in the wee stream, so that could explain it. But it could have just been a test with less dye in it. I would definitely stop peeing on the sticks though! - although I will be naughty and say if you have to, make them cbds so you can't stress over the lineimage

    CazA you are clearly mad as well lol, I only packed my bag last week!! xxxx

  • Ohh yes I am definitely mad and obessively organised all I keep thinking is oh god what if the baby just turns up and I haven't made the cot lol
  • Just to make you feel better - we haven't even got a cot! image We have our moses basket, but going shopping for a cot this weekend! xxx

  • Hi PinkToothBrush and everyone else!!
    I must admit I did about 6 tests over 2 weeks 'just to make sure'-I probably only stopped when I ran out of tests. I think it really does make you a little mad over the first 12 weeks-especially if you have no symptoms!!

    When I went for my 12 week scan I remember thinking what if I'm not pregnant and am just going mad!! Obviously I am pg, though maybe a little mad too!!

    Now I'm thinking on to the 20week scan-it's insane how much pregnancy makes you worry!! I'm surprised that we actually manage to function when the little one arrives!! lol!

    Hope these ladies have managed to set your mind at rest, don't worry when you finally believe it there is plenty more to worry about!!!!!

    Take care-Lydia xx (15+1)
  • Thank you, you've all made me feel a lot better. That and the fact I did one more test and got a v. strong 2nd line again....

    I've learned my lesson though - no more poas for me. I'm going to give all my remaining tests to my best friend (who's a doc, and who told me she'd do my bloods if I wanted her to when I phoned her in a panic this morning, bless her) to hide away until we need to ttc again.

    What a wally. Right, PMA PMA, PMA and cake making for me now. Not even going to THINK about the scan - I too am convinced that I'll go and be told I've imagined the whole thing, Lydia!

    I really am touched that you took the time to reply to my stupid flap, thank you all.
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