Hello ladies i was reading one of the posts earlier on today about the buses, before xmas my partner and i had to wait on a freezing cold wet day for an hour before we could get a bus because they had the max number of prams already on....2

So my partner is beginning a petition online and presenting it when he has enough signatures. Its for the "MUM" bus a bus that is low down for every pram to get on and mostly pram spaces onboard and a couple of seats per pram space for parents.

It will run for parents with children in prams only and will accomodate every parents needs, if you are interested in signing this petition or have comments just post below this message




  • Well goodluck with that huni, just some basic buses in this area would be great lol fortunately i can drive so im alright. Hope you get what your after XX
  • sounds great! oh only just started learning to drive so still go everywhere on buses. good luck!
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