bump pains??


im 25weeks pregnant, and this is my 2nd pregnancy, but it has been 4/5years since my last one.

anyway for the last 5weeks ive had these sharp pains accross the lower part of bump, i notice it more when i walk too fast, the midwife says its just growing pains, but i never had these pains 1st time around!

ive got another 15weeks to go and can only imagine this is going to get worse the heavier baba gets!

any ideas what it could be?


  • hello, it definatly sounds like your ligaments stretching. try to take it easy! it could also be braxton hicks, some women get them really early so take it as a sign to slow down! good luck. x
  • thanks for the quick replies image

    im just really paranoid this time around, think because its taken so long for us to concieve this baby. and with my sis-in-law having her wee baby 8weeks early its worrying me!

    its just funny it only ever seems to happen when i leave the house.. i can walk around the house doing everything but the second i go outside the pain starts.... maybe bean doesnt like the outdoors lol
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