took the day off

hi girlies

woke up this morning for work , ran my bath and puked up everywhere!!!! :\(

iv phoned in work to tell them im not coming in today, why do i feel guilty when i do that?



  • Ur not alone I rarely ring in sick because i just feel to guilty even if im really poorly. Anyway its sounds like u shud be concentrating on getting urself better and not worrying about guilt. Make sure u rest up loads today hope u feel better soon. Kerry xxx

  • thanks kerry, i know i never ring in sick cos i always feel like im putting on other people. should start thinking more about myself and esp baby!

  • i always felt guilty calling in sick in the first few weeks because of morning sickness i work for a very uncaring company, so i hardly ever did it, i was sick on the way to work nearly every day (outside my neighbours houses) i was sick at work the lot and they knew this but still made me work i regret it now when i think back because they have treated me so badly during my pregnancy so try not to feel guilty its only work at the end of the day!!! and if ur work it anything like mine what do they do for us????
  • i dont think its morning sickness, as im 31 weeks. feel bad cos they are a great bunch of girls. why do you always start to feel a bit better after you have phoned in? LOL

  • lol thats true u do feel better straight away!!!
    hope u feel better soon i have heard morning sickness can come back in the later weeks and i have had a few bouts of it recently im 35 weeks now but fingers crossed thats not what u have got and its just a one off xx
  • ooohh forget feeling better, its back!

  • oh kell - i really feel for u
    i dont work as im at home with my boys but like u im 31 weeks. iv had sickness all the way through my pregnancy although it was worse in the first 3 months.
    if i catch wiff of a smell i dont like i automatically throw up! use ur day off resting coz i know how draining being sick can be!
    dont worry about feeling guilty its u and LO that r most important.
    hope u feel better soon
    elaine xx

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