for you ladies in end of 2nd tri or in the 3rd when did lo move round ?
all my friends are saying that he should be head down and kicking my ribs to death by now !
im 28 weeks tommrrow and i guess i have not really thought about it but just consulted the week by week thing in the magazine and says i should feel it turning round im not worried lo is VERY active!! and im not complaing about not being kicked in the ribs but just wondered when you experinced this
plus my mum was saying if he doesnt turn he will prob be breech at birth

cheers ladies x


  • i prob posted this to early in the day as havent had any replies,

    any one any ideas???
    x x
  • You have been so helpful to me - wish I could help. I think as long as your little one is active then all is well.
    To be honest I didnt think they went head first til a lot later and will still keep moving as long as they have room! Think maybe the term I was looking for was "engage" lol
    Have you got a midwife appt soon so you can ask her?
  • Hey hun,
    Ive had my lo now but I didn't feel Holly kicking my ribs at all because I had an anterior placenta and deffo lesser movements in the last few months and I deffo didn't feel my baby turn.
    I think its after 30ish weeks you sould be able to feel 10 kicks a day. I remember going into hospital at 27wks to get monitored and was told it wasn't a very good reading because the baby was still small so they sent me for a scan.
    I wouldn't worry to much hun but if it does start to niggle you get in touch with your midwife and ask her, thats what she is there for. Good luck hun and take care xxx
  • yeah thanks sweetie lol x x im due nxt thurs for anti d so ill check plus that also gives me a week to see if anything happens!!! thnks xx x
  • yeah thanks sweetie lol x x im due nxt thurs for anti d so ill check plus that also gives me a week to see if anything happens!!! thnks xx x
  • Im sure you have nothing to worry about hun, do you feel the baby move at all? I used to feel Holly really low down.
  • lol yeah bloody trampolinist i think !!! yeah he is active so im not over worried just mum and peeps think it should be now and im hopimg for a norm birth so was worried when they said about him being breeched!
  • Hey Jem
    I went for my 4d scan today and my lo is head down but lying on the side. Weird boy - lol. He does kick me up high so it makes sense really, when I was watching the scan screen he was punching out and I could feel the movements low down so he's definitely head down.
    Tbh I think he is gonna be a big boy, and that is why he has gone head down already although he could move of course!
    At 28 weeks there is loads of time for lo to move, most babies turn by about 36 weeks, it is only then that they look into c-section. It's defo not true that he will be breech by your due date. My mum said I turned at 34 weeks and my oh's mum said my ohs brother turned at 39 weeks a few days before her planned section! She had him naturally after all. xxx
  • hi i dont think you have naything to worry about, some peoples babies are not engaged until labour, or only a few days before, so there is plenty time. as long as you are feeling the baby move.

    if they think the baby is still breech much nearer the time, some consultants will try to turn the baby, or there are positions you can go into to turn them.

    please dont let others worry you, everyone is different and every baby is different.

    this doesnt mean you cant have a normal delivery x

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  • You know what? In my area they don't check presentation until 36 weeks and I think that's right.

    After all it's the time they start booking ecv/c-section for breech/transverse babies so why do they bother checking earlier, I think it makes a lot of women worry xxx
  • Babe i have a really active baby but i havnt had kicking in ribs either what i get is limbs sticking out side of my waist or what was my waist so when i am on my side it feels like i am being stabbed! I did post few days ago as last sunday i panicked when my breathing was really shallow. I thought i had pulled a muscle just under my rib cage as it was so painfull all day. After pacing around for few hours w decided to go to a & e as my breathing got worse. I was v aware of over reacting and got oh to massage just under rib first. And out of side of bump popped out what we think must of been a bony knee so i reckon babys foot had got stuck under rib all day. Dont wish for it babe! I am under a chiropractor so she checks position of baby twice a week. she says my baby spine is on the right side of my body instead of the left where ther is less room cus of your liver. I am 38 weeks now and head is moving down so baby isnt breech but this was one of my concerns as all my movements are quite low down. One of my friends babys turned just before birth too!
  • My daughter moved while I was in early stages of labour! she was lying with her head engaged and then she turned round so her back was facing my back if that makes sense.
    Dont worry about the baby not being that active, it probably means its alseep alot so will sleep when its born! My friends little boy definatly didnt move 10 times a day and he was a fab sleeper from when he was born, whereas my daughter moved ALL the time, she kept getting hiccups too and she hardly slept lol.
  • in my area, the mw check babys position from 34 weeks, but refer you to scanning unit at 36 wks if they think baby is breech. then they take it from there. my 34 wk appt was last wed and baby was breech, but mw said there was still plenty of time for lo to turn and they will check again at my 36 wk appt.
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