When did you start to show?

Now I am very impatient and want a bump!! I was just wondering when you lovely ladies all started showing?



  • i was most unforch this time i started showing at 10wks! grrr
  • i got a podge at 12 weeks and now im 27 weeks i cnt w8 to not have it i feel the size of a house lol xx u will show soon enuff babe xx
  • Thanks ladies! I know I will regret it as soon as i can't fit into my trousers!
  • Hiya,
    I didnt start to show properly until around 27 weeks. Im still getting comments on how small I am when I say I only have 6 weeks to go! Its such an individual thing - I was convinced from the start of my pregnancy that I would be huge as my mum was throughout her pregnancies; shows how wrong I was!!!


  • I didnt start to show till I was 21 weeks as my baby was quite low in my pelvis at 20 weeks.

    Once I started to show I seemed to grow every day, and developed a proper bump in less than a week. Makes you feel heaps better as you look pregnant, instead of just fat once the bump develops!
  • ive just sterted to develop a small bump, am 18 weeks on tuesday, the button on my trousers does not fasten anymore.
    i seem to have grown in 2 days though, so it just shows week by week....only had a very tiny podge belly up to then, nothing at all.
  • People who knew me could see a bump from about 16wks but it stayed quite small until about 24wks i got a big bump seemingly overnight and then it seemed to get bigger every day! I loved it then, but by about 30wks i couldnt wait to be back to normal and wear my normal clothes! xx
  • i think its different for everyone hun and im sure ul soon be showing! im 3 mths and have a bump but started showing really soon this time! couldnt fit in my jeans from 6 weeks! aaahhhh,wonder how big il get? xxx
  • I am showing already at 7 +6- HOWEVER, i thinks its mainly all chocolate and not really a baby bump but a load of lard i have gained due to my incessant munching of anything chocolate!!! LOL
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