Bleeding and clots

I'm only 5.5 weeks in.  First pregnancy at 36 yr old.  Had positive preg and blood tests.  I was only spotting now last night I bled enough to go through underwear and pants with two 1cm size clots.  Has anyone else been in same boat and stayed healthy and pregnant.  I've read 50/50 this could be normal and could be miscarriage.  I did a second blood test yesterday.  Waiting on results.


  • Are you still bleeding and has there been anymore blood clots? I bled for an hour or two no blood clots but around the time I should of had a period. Does it hurt with any pressure? 

    My chemical pregnancy (under five weeks) didn't hurt but was odd with loads of large blood clots. My 7 week MC hurt loads, loss of symtoms, very large blood clots and the feeling of needing to push. I bled 12 days straight. 

    Some people continue to have periods during pregnancy and some people with different shaped uterus will keep having normal cycles on the other side, which doesn't contain the baby.

    Relax and try not to stress. Always easier said than done.

    I even bled on a few occasions with baby number three. Now 12 weeks and 4 days. I found relaxing and thinking positively helped.

    I hope everything is okay and i am wishing you the best.

  • Was your mc bleeding heavy? Or light?

  • Had a lot of blood clots. One that contained my baba.😢

  • I dont find my bleeding heavy.  I never fill a pantry liner

  • What colour is the blood? Bright red isn't always a course for concern. Especially, if it is so light. I had heavy bleeding, bright red, that lasted an hour and the rest was brown discharge. It went straight through my underwear and trousers. About a pads worth in total and my baby is healthy and growing perfectly.

    I know many women over estimate the amount of blood we actually bleed as blood is so thick and so bright in colour. I always go off the amount of pads I use in an hour. More than three is a course for concern as you will definitely need to go to hospital and get checked out. 

    It seems that everything should be okay. If it gets heavy and more blood clots than that is a possible MC 😢

    I would just relax and try not to move about too much if that is possible. When the bleeding stops take another pregnancy test.

    Remember there is a lot of blood traveling to that area and is possible that it is just an irrated vein. My second bleeding was caused by that irration or the stretching of my ligaments. If you do have cramps it could be because of that. 

  • Something that helped me was to check my boobs. More visable veins, the feel of them ( heavy,more fuller) and the darkening of the areola as well as bumps on the nipple and areola. It looks like constant goosebumps and two or three larger bumps on the nipple. And the pains... For me it is like getting stabbed repeatedly every now and then.  

    The labia ( virginal lips) got very dark in colour, dark red to a purple due to the larger amount of blood flow in that area.

    There can also be changes in hair and the amount that comes out when brushing to the glossiness in hair. Dandruff is my sign. My skin is so sensitive that normal hair products make my hair greasy super fast. I have to use baby shampoo and conditioner.

    Ugh.. I never had teenage spots but I have some now. It's horrible. 

    It's just little things that you might not think twice about that could be you positive sign. It sure helped me and taken several pregnancy tests just to make sure.

    I knew I was pregnant the day after the deed. I just felt different... I had a faint positive at 7dpo.

  • I'm going to see my dr tomorrow.   I've never really had any symptoms since this whole pregnancy was confirmed.  So I haven't lost any symptoms.   I really hope it wasn't a chemical pregnancy as they say.   I am trying to think positive.   Slight cramping today with spotting. 

  • Sending all my positivity your way. 

  • They re did hcg blood work today to make sure still going up.  I have an ultrasound this afternoon.  Fingers crossed!!

  • Ultrasound showed gestational sick and yolk.  Measuring correctly at 5.5 weeks.  No heartbeat but they said was early still.  Hopefully they will call with positive hcg results tomorrow.

  • I only just managed to see my babas heart beat at that stage. A tiny flicker barely noticeable. They weren't even sure it was a heartbeat and made an appointment for two weeks later. I was about eight weeks and it was definitely there. 🙂 

    Like I said, being positive and relaxing really helped me. As the long as the baba is growing at the expected rate, there is little to worry about. 🙂 

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