Very faint pregnancy test?


Took top test last night 9/17/2018
took bottom one this morning 9/18/2018.
I took them because my mom is certain one of us is pregnant(us being me and my 2 sisters, they have had 3 kids each and every time someone was pregnant my mom knew someone was) So me being paranoid I took these tests and my sister says she sees a faint line on the first response one.... what do you think??


  • I can’t see anything personally sorry 

  • hi! i haven’t been feeling very good lately so i went to the dollar store and bought a test and got a VERY faint line so i took some others and one other brand and nothing but on only ONE of the second brand i bought a line came up about an hour later. i’m REALLY REALLY early but freaking out please help!imageimageimage the closer last one is the same test in the first picture just a little sat a while longer. thank you in advance!

  • There is definitely a line on clearblue and last test. Try using more sensitive test like first response, sometimes blue dye tests show strong evap lines. You shouldn't check the test after an hour, you can get false result

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