Does it matter about the darkness of a line on a HCG pregnancy test strip ??

hello there 

ive just done another test and I’m 100% pregnant but the second Line seems like it’s quite light in colour and the two lines are different colours ?? Does this mean anything ? Has this ever happened too you and what does it mean ?? I think I’m about 5-6 weeks thanks xxxximage


  • Congratulations :) Don't worry about that. Your test looks really good :)

    In theory lines get darker after some time due to higher hcg level in your urine but it's not always like that. Different brands use different amount of dye and lines on some tests never get really dark.

    You can try digital test with weeks indicator but if it shows less than you think don't worry, it's not 100% accurate as standard hcg range around 5-6 weeks is very wide :)

  • Thanks Mag1988 :D 

    i keep worrying if it means low hcg or something but there all positive I was a little bit like why does it seem lighter but I’ve been up all night doing the toilet about 6 times lol soo maybe it just isn’t that dark because of that lol thanks very much for your helpful reply :D I’ve got my first EPU appointment next week soo fingers crossed everything’s all good :D I’ve not been sick or anything yet but I keep saying it must be because I’m still early ?? do you know any pregnancy tests that can find out how many weeks I am ? I’ve read that the clear blue only show up too 3 weeks + ?? Thanks best of wishes and baby dust too you :D xxxx

  • Hi NeedAnswers :) Clear blue shows 3+ from conception so 5+ weeks of your pregnancy. I'd say it would work for you. But please don't stress if it's 2-3. Mine didn't change to 3+ for ages 

    I'm 10+6 weeks now and I haven't been sick even once so don't worry. I don't have many symptoms and it's ok. I do eat a lot and I'm tired but no sickness or sore boobs or anything :)

    Good luck to you and your baby! :)

  • Hello Mag1988

    thats great I’m going too try and get one if it’s not too dear lol do you have any idea if the will tell me at my first appointment at the EPU how many weeks I am ? Or would it be at the 12 week scan ?? :D 

    congradulations :D you sound like me lol I called the hospital but they say not everyone gets nausea or sickness soo maybe we’re lucky ?? Haha me too I’m tired a lot that’s my main symptom aswell I think haha it’s great too hear from someones pregnancy similar too mines :D

    thanks best wishes too you and your baby too :D

  • I had first appointment with midwife around 8 weeks and she took my bloods and urine sample etc. But they didn't do another pregnancy test. 12 weeks appointment is the scan :)

    Call your doctors and see what they say :) don't forget to take your folic acid.

    I'd say we're very lucky :) hopefully you won't get much sickness later!

  • Yeah do they do any sort of scan at it or is it just a kind of check up appointment ? you’ve not got long until your scan now :D

    yes im taking the Asda pregnancy vitamins do I need too take more follic acid ? I think there’s 400mg in them ? 

    Yes hopefully we’re one of the lucky ones that avoid morning sickness haha Yeahh I keep saying that like god knows I could end up puking next week like I’m not sure if I’m 100% lucky just Yet haha here’s hoping lol :D

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