Whooping cough vaccination: do i have it or not?

Hi ladies i am having a moral dilemma as to wether or not to have my whooping cough vaccination on friday. There is little evidence of tests in pregnant women that confirm it safe and many women say they associate this with stillbirth. I was wondering how many of you opted to have their jab and how many refused and what your reasons were for both.

Tha ks in advance for any replies :) 


  • I hd the whooping cough in my last pregnancy st 28 weeks they have chnged it this time to 16 weeks as they had evidence that shown its more effective the earlier a pregnant woman has it and helps the immune system build it up and pass enough to baby for the first few weeks or so. I had mine 3 weeks ago and never had any problems with it. I had whooping cough as a newborn and was in hospital for a few weeks very poorly so when my mum told me this it made my mind up for me as its all tried and tested and has been around for a few yers now and anything that helps baby once born im happy with. Xxx

  • I had the whooping cough vaccine for both of my children my daughters now 4 and my son is now 9 weeks and they are both the healthiest children I’ve ever seen my reasons for having it were watching YouTube videos of babies with whooping cough were enough to make up my mind xx

  • I opted not to have it. My reasons were fairly lengthy and me and the midwife had many a heated discussion about my decision.

    like you I looked into the research and felt there was a very minimal window they could get it before they are vaccinated against it themselves and the risk outweighed the benefits during that period. 

    I didn’t have the flu jab either however did have all anti d jabs.

  • Anti d is for your benefit not baby as you have a rare blood group, whereas whooping cough is to benefit baby. 3 children i no around me have had whooping cough one at 3 weeks old and was very ill, that was horrible to see. Its a virus and can be picked up easily x

  • Original poster asked what peoples decision was and why. Which is what I responded with. I didn’t have a go at anyone who made a different decision to mine So you can take your critisim of my decision somewhere else. 

    and As for anti d it isn’t for the benefit of this baby but you may want to relook into why it is given and the risk to baby in future pregnancies. 

  • I know ive had it in every pregnancy and its always been made aware of the high risk it carries to me and the risk it carries with the more pregnancies you have. It just looks like the vaccinations that benefit baby have been ignored but the one that puts your life at risk you have had. Thats how it seems from the outside, to me its all or none if your going to be picky about vaccinations. I know a ldh who chose to have no injections and no tests and thats her decisio  i just dont understnd picking some and not others.

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