Just found out 4th pregnancy is twins

Thank you for reading this and any help/advise is very much appreciated. I found out yesterday that I am pregnant with twins, 13 weeks today. I feel a bit lost atm as I have no idea how this changes my pregnancy. I have so many questions and feel a bit like I've been told there's two but not much else?! I have a 6, 4 and 1 year old currently. I really did not expect twins and am still in shock. So my main concerns are:

Do I eat more with twins? I've read everything from no to up to 700 calories a day more? What's the general advise as I want to make sure I'm eating enough. I'm 9 stone now 5ft 5, after putting on a stone in the first trimester. I was suffering with a crohns flare up which was why I was so slim.

What kind of birth is generally advised? I wanted a home birth but I know that definately won't be happening now. I have had 3 natural births with only gas and air so I'm freaking out slightly at the thought of anything else. Ultimately I will do what is best for these little bubs. Has anyone managed vaginal water births with twins?

Is it rare to get to 38 weeks with twins? My 3 singles have all been 41 and 42 weeks so this is just the complete opposite experience for me.

Has anyone got very far breastfeeding twins? I will definately try for all the obvious health reasons. I'm also quite scared at the cost of formula for two but again will have to do what is best.

Pushchairs?! Now this is a minefield as my 1 year old will only be nearly 2 so I think it will be too much to get him to walk. I don't drive and walk 4 miles a day doing the school run. I think the best option might be a twin pushchair with a buggy board seat. I've looked at the icandy orange but I can't tell if the buggy board seat will fit when used as a double. Has anyone else successfully solved the twin plus toddler transport issue? I would rather not get something massively bulky as I fear my eldest won't have room to walk beside me.

Thank you so much if you've read this far and really truly any words of wisdom or the smallest idea that might help me I really would appreciate it.



  • I have no advice but just wanted to say wow! You have really though of everything. Good luck and congratulations!

  • Hi LucyLoo, 

    First of all Congratulations! I am expecting twins in December and currently have an 8 month old (Chunk). I don't know the answers to all your questions but will help where I can. :-)

    I have not been eating more on purpose, I am snacking more but this is to help with the nausea and just because I generally feel hungry. This isnt too hard for me at the moment as I am weening Chunk  so he is having fruit/veg snacks in between breakfast/lunch and dinner :-) I think the best thing to do is listen to your body and eat as healthy as possible. I have been given 5mg of Folic acid to take a day but this reacted with me so I am taking pregnacare everyday, this is usually something to take for the first 12 weeks only but they advise longer with twins. 

    Chunk was an emergency C-Section as he was 11lb 02oz however I have been advised that as long as both twins are in a good position there should be no reason why a natural birth is not possible. There is a small risk that twin 1 will be born naturally and the other will spin as they have a lot of space and an emergency section will be required this is worse case! Each case is different and it will depend on the position of the babies and what type of twins you have, there are three types. I have DCDA twins which are both in their own sac and have their own placenta.

    You will be seen by a consultant as well as a midwife who will be able to explain what your options are. I would suggest getting a notebook and putting down all your questions so you can ask everything. 

    I have been told chances are I wont get past 37 weeks before being induced. Chunk was born at 39+1 so I am glad I dont have to do full term :-)

    I have gone with the Out N About Nipper double, this has a front wheel that can be fixed (As i will be going running eventually with them) and I will be using a buggy board with seat attachment so I can strap Chunk in. However when twins are first born, Chunk will only be 11months so I will be using a sling for one of the twins ad having Chunk in the pushchair. 

    There are normally twin support groups around check out the Tamba website there is loads of information on there. Please shout if you have any further questions. Ill help where I can. 

    Thanks x

  • Thank you so much Lilxamz for taking the time to reply! It's just nice to hear from someone else in a similar situation! Thanks for the heads up on the folic acid, I'll start taking it again. 

    Are you going to try for vaginal then? Will you have an epidural? Is it right that you have to birth in an operating room in case of emergency c section? 

    I know I will know a lot more once I speak to the midwife and consultant but another 3 weeks with all these questions seems like forever!!

    Congratulations on your twins do you know what you are having? We were going to have a surprise but have now decided we've had enough surprises lol. I've booked for private scan in 3 weeks I think it will help me to bond with the babies more and stop worrying so much about all the other stuff.

    Good luck to you for December! I've also had 42 week pregnancies so 38 weeks or before will be a novelty lol.

    Thanks ks again for responding!!



  • Hey Lucy, no problem, I remember how shell shocked I was when I first found out we were expecting twins and how nice it was to just hear from another mum on here who had had the time to process the information. 

    When are your twins due and do you know what type you have? 

    I suffer with anxiety so if I have a plan in place and things don't go to plan I am likely to have an anxiety attack so my current thinking is I am going to arrange a c-section but if they are both head down and decide to come early then I will give vaginally a go. I will be having an epidural, I believe they like an epidural to be in place as it makes it easier for them to do a c-section should it be needed. At the end of the day though it is your body and you can opt to not have one. I dont think I have to be in an operating room but this might be different depending on the hospital. I have been told there are going to be a lot more people in the room so they can ensure the safety of both babies and mummy. 

    Yes we found out we are having two girls. We had the surprise with Chunk and were going to have a surprise with the second but when we found out it was twins I changed my mind as we were struggling with coming up with name ideas and there was no chance we were going to come up with two boys, two girls and agree on one of each should it be boy/girl twins. Finding out the genders has helped me bond with them a bit more and helped sort out some of the worries. 

    I had my 24week scan and appointment today, its really nice to see the twins more often. I get to see how they are growing and wiggling about which is nice.

    Found out today that at Week 33 they will be able to make a decision on the options for labour. This is because it is unlikely the twins will be able to move positions so they can see if one of the twins is in the right position. 


  • It's definately really helpful to hear your words knowing you've been there. I still just keep playing back the events of the scan and staring at the pics in disbelief! I've told a few more people on the school run today which is helping me to believe it myself haha.

    I'm due on the 27th of March but that would be 40 weeks. Do they change your date to 38 weeks? It seems strange to have a due date that I know I will never reach lol. 38 would make it 13th of March. They are dcda which I was very happy to hear. I thought that meant they were non identical but now I've read there's a chance they could be. My husband wants to have the dna once their born to see. I think it's more likely they're non identical as it's 4th pregnancy and I'm 35 now. I guess we'll know before then if it's one of each.

    Ahh ok that sounds like a good plan! I think I need to accept than an epidural will be needed and probably is most sensible. It's just the thought of a needle in my spine but I know I'm going to have to woman up over the coming months. I also get anxiety and depression but usually cope with it ok by focusing and feeling like I've got all the info I need. Your responses are really helping with that right now!! It's good to know I wont necessarily need to be in the OR. I was starting to think I might as well just go with the c-section if that's the case with having an epidural as well. I think you're right though if they decide to come early and are in place then I may as well try naturally.

    Awe so cute you saw them today. I bet it's nice once you've got more used to it to see them also knowing it two girlies. They're going to be so close it'll be lovely for them to have a best friend forever! I went for a 4th hoping for a sister for my daughter. Knowing me I've got two more boys in there!! Whatever happens I know I'll love them but kinda wincing at the idea of 4 smelly teenage boys haha.

    That's good to know that at 33 weeks they're pretty much where they're going to stay for the duration. It is really good that I know that they'll be extra monitoring and scans I think eventually will put my mind at rest.

    When in December are you due?

    Lucy xx

  • It will just take a while to sink in. I still have moments when it hits me like a ton of bricks and I am just shell shocked all over again. I actually have two babies growing inside me... that is just bonkers!

    I remember my 12 week scan, I went in fully prepared to be told there was no heartbeat and it wasn't a viable pregnancy. This is because I had Chunk by emergency c-section only a few months before so there was no way my body had healed. When they said two the first thing to come out of my mouth was "fuck" in true lady like fashion! I then composed myself and said sorry I must have misheard you, you didn't just say two did you? When she confirmed two I think I swore a few more times before having a little cry. Not only did I have the shock of baby being ok to deal with I had to process two babies all the time knowing my 5 month old baby was at home with Grandma. 101 questions run though my head, how was I going to look after 3 under 1, what pushchair would I get, how would they all fit in the car, where were they all going to sleep... My husband just laughed about it. I think that was just his way to deal with the shock. 

    No my official due date is 8th Jan, but I am telling people they will be early. I am expecting them to arrive around 37 weeks (18th Dec) but only because 38 weeks is Christmas.

    Its such a relief to find out they are DCDA twins when you understand that means they are the lowest risk of all the types of twins :-) They told me to begin with it was likely they were non identical but now we have found out its two girls we have been told there is a chance there was only one egg that split very early on and they are identical. I am not sure if we are going to bother with a DNA test, my husband doesnt care and I am in two minds about it, specially when you see they are around £80-£100. 

    I didnt like the idea of an epidural with Chunk but after contractions starting on Monday pm, Waters breaking Thursday am and then being induced Friday I had lost the will to live and just wanted to sleep. I am so glad I agreed to it though as he was emergency section they might have put me under if i didn't already have the epidural in place.

    I was terrified about ending up with three boys which was another reason we found out the genders so I had time to get used to the idea before they arrived. I didnt bond with Chunk when he was first born so was anxious I wouldnt bond with the twins or one of the twins if they were boys. Its really nice knowing they are two girls and we can sort out names. I am dreading being given loads of pink frilly dresses though haha I am not a girly girl and find anything but sleepsuits for the first few months a complete waste of my time and their money. I have always chosen comfort over looks for myself so dont see the point in being any different for my kids. 

    The extra monitoring is nice, I believe I have a scan and consultant appointment at 20w, 24w, 28w, 30w, 32w, & 34w. I also need to see midwife in between those so she can check on how I am doing. It's really nice I am pretty open about my anxiety and feel comfortable speaking to the midwives about it so at least she can monitor me there. 

    Were they able to say where your placentas were? Mine are both anterior but they are kicking the crap out of me already! x

  • I've told a few more people now and I think today I've turned a bit of a corner and accepted that this is my fate haha. It's quite funny and nice to see people's reactions when you tell them it's twins. So many people think I'm winding them up!! More people have also told me their experiences with epidurals and c-sections which is also helping. I can imagine you were ready for anything after going through all that though! I suppose this way at least we are already prepared even though it's still also so uncertain.

    Our experiences at the 12 week scan are so similar! I cried and my husband jumped out of his chair. He's taken this so well I thought he'd be mortified. All those thoughts were exactly what was going through mind too. The practicalities how the hell would we cope with 5?! Today I thought I think it's the only time I've ever experienced every single possible emotion in one go. 

    So will they book you in for 37 weeks then as 38 is xmas? What a lovely xmas present for you all! There are so many benefits to having them close together, especially as they get older. My first two are 16 months apart and are so close (when they're not bickering lol). So when was your son born? Will there be less than a year between them?

    Yeah the dna is a bit pricey when really you'll find out sooner or later and it makes no difference. I have convinced myself I have a boy and girl. My reasoning is that I'm craving savoury and sweet haha! So scientific. My placenta's are also anterior! It actually looked like one but she showed me the divide down the centre. I was so happy they were dcda!! 

    Totally agree on the sleepsuits! My youngest is 17 months and still lives most of his life in his pj's. What with napping he barely has use for normal clothes! Hell I would spend my life in my pj's if I could. 

    Have they given you any weight estimations yet? Mine are being plotted against me other three who were all over 8lbs so I'm imagining these guys are going to be tiny in comparison!!


  • I found telling people was nice until I started getting the negative comments and then I got a bit down. People just didnt think before they opened their mouths or were trying to make a joke but when you hear the same "joke" multiple times it starts grating. 

    Yes! I cant think of another time I experienced such a range of emotions all at once. It is such a blessing to be able to carry and create multiple babies at once. I am now mostly excited for them to arrive :-) 

    I am hoping they book me in for 37 weeks at the latest. Dont want Christmas Day babies! Chunk was born 12th Jan 2018 so he will be around 11 months when the twins arrive and it means I will have three babies all born in 2018. Its going to be an adventure. 

    I think as they grow up you will be able to tell if they are or not. You never know they might ask for a DNA test once they are older so they know for certain. Haha I was craving sweet so we were really hoping for a girl but were certain it would be two boys so when we were told two girls we were really shocked.

    Yes i only get Chunk dressed if we are going out in public and thats only because i think its cute but if he is napping before we are due to leave I just leave him in a sleepsuit. 

    I haven't had any weight guesses yet. I am dreading them to be honest as Chunk was 11lb 02oz I am terrified the twins will be big for twins and ill end up with two 7lb babies. But then on the other hand I have no idea how to deal with a tiny baby so that is just as scary haha catch 22. 

    How are you doing now the news has had a few more days to settle?x

  • Oh no as if you got negative comments!! I think a lot of people have a bit of jealousy and that that's where any negativity comes from. 

    How weird my daughters birthday is also the 12th Jan! My husband is the 13th so I told him that was his present that year haha.

    Wow 11 pounds!! That is a whopper bless him. Was he overdue? Sorry if I'm asking the same questions I forget sometimes especially whilst pregnant!!

    I feel a lot easier about things and realised I shouldn't be stressing myself out for the sake of the babies. I'm feeling soooooo tired though! I'm 14 weeks tomorrow and thought it would get easier now? Is it because its twins? Also I feel massive already and look about 20+ weeks. I'm a bit scared how big I'm going to get as I walk 4 miles a day just doing the school run!!

    Yeah I don't blame you not wanting them xmas day. Although there has to be some pretty damn cute xmas names for twin girls haha. 😉 


  • I think its jealously as well, lots of people say how much I'm going to have my hands full but I think that would have been the case even if I was just having a singleton. 

    12th Jan is a popular date as its my best friends birthday as well, she didnt get a gift off me either :-)

    It's ok I seem to have half conversations in my head or only type half sentences :-) Chunk was born at 39+1. Mother in law thinks it might have been gestational diabetes but I have to wait until 28 weeks for that test. I have it booked for 18th October so fingers crossed we shall find out in time to make sure I don't overbake the twins.

    I still have days when I get really tired and have to join Chunk in his morning or afternoon nap. I defo think it is because our bodys have double the work. I popped quicker this time round as well but my bump seems to have slowed down in growth so its not too massive now. However, I am struggling to walk the 1 mile round the block with the dogs (husband walks the dogs and takes the pushchair if I struggle) I have got myself a band to try and support the bump but I honestly dont know if that is helping in anyway. Do you have any support local to you that can help with school run as you get bigger?

    Had not even thought of Christmas names! We didnt know what we were having with Chunk so had two boy and two girl names anyway. Obv used the boy name for Chunk (Cohen John) and have two girls names that we both love. We are looking at having a Serafina May and Esmeralda Rose. 

    Are you excited for your private scan? Have you got a list of names or are you going to wait until you know the genders for sure? x

  • Those names are so beautiful!!! Are they first and middle or both first names? I absolutely adore the Cohen as well I was a massive one tree hill fan and there was a Cohen in that!! I have an Indie-Sue so I feel like if there's a girl she should also have two name name. So our kids have quite eclectic names and now I'm slightly regretting it for the naming of these two! They're all musical related with two middle names. The first middle is a relative then the second a Greek god/ess lol. So I have Mylo (mylo xyloto, coldplay) Christopher Hercules, Indie-Sue (Indie rock and roll, the killers) Dorothy Athena and Caleb (lead singer of kings of leon) Mark Caerus. 

    Now the only musical themed name I love is Raine as we love the ed sheeran song make it rain. I feel like it's too short though so maybe something raine like Luna-raine. But then I think it needs to be the main name. I found some anagram names for twins and we thought that's quite cute so we could have Raine and Einar if a boy and a girl. Quite honestly I think the whole thing is going to be a nightmare so have knocked it on the head till we know what's in there lol.

    I actually brought my scan forward 3 days because I'm so impatient haha!! I really can't wait now the next two weeks will be torturous. 

    I can't remember if I asked if you have twins in the family? 

    I think my mom will help if I get really massive. I'm just worried all the walking will bring on early labour.


  • Hiya,

    First of all huge congratulations to you both :) 

    I am just trying to catch up on all of your comments but just to say I am a twin mummy to 14 month old boys Georgie and Teddy..i will try and answer as much as possible from what I have read and please do let me know what else if I can help in anyway. 

    Quick background on my story - I was pregnant sadly had a miscarriage and then 2 months later i was pregnant with fraternal DCDA boys and had no major issues with pregnancy apart from the second trimester where I had the odd dizzy spell with  low blood pressure. The consultant was aiming for 37-38 weeks but the boys decided to come along at 32 week. waters went at 2am and I went into labour from about 5am and they were delivered vaginally at 8.45am and 8.57am within a theatre just in case they needed to switch to c section. All went very well. They weighed 3lbs8 and 4lbs1. I had gas and air and epidural leading up to the birth. The boys stayed in NICU for 29 days which at first was hard but the team were amazing at Chelsea and Westminster. When I was pregnant I was told twin 1 had a heart issue so the pregnancy was very worrying but luckily all has been ok so far and he is being seen by cardiology to keep an eye on him every 6 months. 

    Answers to your questions (in my experiences): I ate exactly the same when expecting twins. Yes they class twins pregnancies as high risk but just like every pregnancies there are certain foods etc to avoid. Although sometimes when at a restaurant I would use the line 'I am currently eating for 3' lol....

    With twins it is advised to give birth at hospital and normally within a theatre - you will have multiple teams within the room assigned to each baby... on the day of labour twin 1 was head down and twin 2 was transverse (sideways across) and they went for vaginal delivery (all depends on twin 1s position) Twin 2 then came out head down once brother was out the way :) sorry did not have a water birth. all went smoothly otherwise, I am a first time mum so having twins as first was an eye opener. 

    It is very popular to get to 37/38 weeks. I have a few twin mum friends who went to 38 weeks. 

    with my boys being in NICU for nearly a month I expressed my milk and attempted breastfeeding them whilst in hospital. another twin mum was in hospital same time as me and she also done the same and carried on feeding her children once discharged. I managed to do it a few weeks once home but I was exhausted in the end and went onto formula milk but it is doable. I think the other mother was a pro anyway as she had a 3 year old also so had the experience. my boys got discharged on prescribed formula for being prem babies.

    I have got the Silver cross wave as our main pushchair and we have a Britax Agile double for our car. the Silver cross wave was wonderful and still has a lot life in it. I would defo do what you suggested about the buggy board. 

    You will find a lot of twin groups on social media sites. they have been very helpful.

    Also I never got to go on any antennal classes as it was all scheduled for 33 weeks the classes and tour of the hospital but they came bang on 32 weeks. I also had my maternity leave booked for the end of 33 weeks so no rest for me at all when the little ones came along. I spent 8 hours a day up at hospital by their sides then back home and pumped milk round the clock for them. Was very tiring time and emotional time to come away from our bubba's each evening.

    With work I would say due date is 19/09/2017 (40 weeks) but good chance they will come August time or possibly july… they ended up coming 25-07.

    Yes it is possible for DCDA babies to be identical. my two are not. I will add a photo for you both to see them too :) 

    I was worried also with the epidural but don't worry honestly all will be over in no time. 

    Tips... well main thing is routine. that's all I heard when I was pregnant with them and wow do we go like military at home.. routine is key. don't listen to the negative comments. every time I go out I always get "You got your hands full there.... double trouble.... rather you then me..... When in actual face its double blessing, no rather me then you because I was blessed with two. 

    My boys are my world. Here is a photo of them last night - Teddy is on the left and Georgie on the right :)



  • Oh my word they are just adorable!! How proud you must be going through all of that and them seeing them so beautiful a strong now. It does terrify me the thought of it all. I have had 3 births with minimal problems and interference. I feel like I've made my peace with the fact that that won't happen this time. Ultimately I am worried that they will both be ok but I guess that's normal even with a single. 

    I am in awe of you delivering them both vaginally. Did you consider a c-section if you'd have gotten to 38 weeks? How is it to give birth with an epidural? Was it hard to push when you can't feel your contractions? 

    Man you are superwoman in my eyes. I keep seeing videos of twin prem babies in nciu and I can only imagine how heartbreaking and exhausting that was for you. You are amazing and those boys are extremely lucky to have such a strong momma.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to share your story and advise. It's really helping to get my head round it all. We find out the sexes next week I think that will make me feel even closer to them. 


  • Oh wow, thank you for sharing your experience Chelsea Jojo. Its really nice to hear that everything went well even though not to plan. I am currently looking at sorting myhosfpital bag out so its all ready for 30 weeks. Only 26 weeks at the moment but I will pick up bits slowly. 

    Had a really rough two weeks as I was meant to go to a local twin group for the first time but as I was packing the bags in the car I fell and sprained my ankle so ended up at maternity triage so they could check the babies and I could get my Anti D injection. I have had to have family round to help me as I was limping and unable to chase Chunk around the house. He is sooo quick now. Then this week I have been full of cold so not really been much use to anyone either. The girls are kicking me loads which is making it very uncomfortable to be stood for long periods. Ive just bought a bar stool for my kitchen so I can sit and prepare food and have got a shower stool on the way. I feel like such an old lady already :-(

  • I have a set of twins who are now 7, in total I’ve 10 children (1 rainbow 🌈 baby who passed at 10 days old) and I’ve just found out I’m expecting baby number 11 😁 I found the pregnancy with the twin the same as my single pregnancy’s. Eating wise I ate as normal and gain only 10lbs in total. All my pregnancy’s were full term before the twins but I went into labour at 31 weeks (luckily I had steroid injections as few weeks previous) 

    i never made it to the hospital I had one in the ambulance enroute and the next twin as I was coming out the ambulance. Twin 1 weighed 2.1lb and twin 2 weighed 1.19lb very tiny. Just to say I had one boy and one girl. 

    They spent 3 months in hospital which was a complete roller coaster of emotion. But now there happy healthy 7 year old with no problems at all 😊 

    I think my advise is relax and don’t over think, I thought when I found out it was twins how am I going to cope and to be completely honest it was no where near as bad as I imagined. I found they settled each other and it was lovely to watch 🙃

    good luck with everything

  • Hiya ladies,

    So sorry for the delay in replying.

    Hope all ok and pregnancies going ok.

    Awww thanks Lucy - the boys are my everything and they have done so so well. 

    I was hoping to do a vaginal birth but was either way going to follow the consultants lead whatever position baby A was in. I had many staff within the theatre with me and the midwife guiding me when to push after the epidural had kicked in. All went smoothly, I could actually quite happily go through it all again. first time mum too so I had no clue what to expect. I was upstanding later that day walking the long corridor to see my babies properly for the first time in neonatal unit. Did you find out what you are having :) 

    Lilxamz - how are you doing sweetheart? hows the ankle? how bizarre, I also fell whilst pregnant with the boys and badly sprained my ankle / damaged ligaments. I have had to revisit physio again still have twinges of pain here and there.. so take it easy! hope everything going ok otherwise. 

    Nikki - lovely to hear your story. wow 7 - I am shocked how quick the boys first year has gone by :( its going too quick. 


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