4 weeks pregnant.

Hi there, I just found out I am pregnant yesterday. Which makes me 4 weeks gone... every excited. 

Just wanted to know if anyone else has gone through what I am going through at for weeks or should I be worried .

1 I have high hormone levels. 

2, I have light pain in my stomach like a period pain. 

Thanks .


  • Hello I have just found out I am pregnant and I am 4 weeks today.

    I have felt unwell since the day before I tested and a constant dull ache, like a period ache. 

    Hormones are all over too! The day before I tested I just ballooned. I felt massive, my jeans were tight and my breasts were like rocks. They've calmed down a bit and I seem to have gone back to normal size, it was like a surge! 

    Congratulations btw, It still hasn't sunk in for me properly. 

  • Hey I found out few days ago and I’m 4 weeks 3 days..::aww we should start a little group so we can compare lol it’s nice chatting to people at the same stage xx

  • It made me giggle, because I came on the forum to ask the same questions and it was the first thread! 

    I've already got two children, and I can already tell this pregnancy is going to be different to the other two. 

    I've already gone off coffee but have enjoyed a few cups of decaf tea which is unlike me. I never had anything like this so early with the other two. 

  • How’s it going ladies? X

  • I'm very well, still not sunk in. But I am enjoying the slightly larger breasts haha how are you? 

  • Haha. Not sunk in for me either really and I already have 3. Tbh apart from sore boobs mainly at night and the lack of sleep I’m getting I don’t feel much different xx

  • I'm struggling with sleep, my legs ache like owt.

    I don't think it'll sink in for me until the first scan. My first two were massive like surprises and I panicked instantly. But had nothing like that with this one. 

  • Are you going to have an early scan or just waiting for the 12 week one? X

  • I'm not sure we are going to see the doctor next week to get the ball rolling, but I have adenomyosis so I am very very worried that something will go wrong, so I'm hoping if I stress that to the doctor they might send me for a reassurance scan at 8/9 weeks. 

    At the moment, I'm more worried about telling the parents haha

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