12 weeks, sent home from work with bad pains

hi everyone, ive just had to come home from work due to really bad pains in my tummy. ive had pains all the way through this pregnancy but today even walking was painfull. it feels like my insides are going to fall out my bits!! pains quite sharp and constant.
wondering if anyone else is getting this? think i should phone mw but dont know what she can do


  • i had simlar pains when i was 9 weeks, i was sent for an early scan and baby was fine so they cancelled my 12 week one!! now im having the same pains but alot worse so think il av 2 ring up n av a moan but my bloody house phone has broken!!
  • Hey!!

    I would suggest ringing the docs or just going in and seeing if they have any concerns. I had the same. But much later in pregnancy. I'm now 23 wks and baby is very active. Sometimes those pains will come and go. Some of us just have a great and some have all the pains. But check it out just to be safe. Whatever you do dont try and self diagnose yourself. Better be safe than sorry
  • still cant get hold of midwife and my doc is abs useless. just have to keep trying x
  • hi just wondered if you had managed to see midwife or doc? if not i would phone the hosital, it takes them 2 minuts to check if everythings is ok, and if it so sore to be sent home from work then id get it checked out...i had the same thig about 8 wks and they gave me a scan, its so reassuring x
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