maternity pay


what maternity packages are you getting?

how much time are you having off?

im hopefully having a full year off and i get full pay 4 6 weeks then basic mat pay but i wont be losing much just 100 a month! so hopefully every thing will be ok!

i cnt wait lol!

bec x x


  • Hi Bec

    I'm very lucky as I get a great maternity package where I work.

    8 weeks on full pay,
    18 weeks half pay, topped up with SMP to almost the same as my usual monthly take-home pay, minus about ??30,
    13 weeks on just SMP,
    13 weeks unpaid.

    So I could have a year off in total, if I wanted to and could afford it. It would be lovely but I can't afford to take time off unpaid, so will probably go back after 9 months. Still great though! xxxxxx
  • we dnt know wether its gunna be worth me even coming bk 2 work! so i can look afta lo full time
  • Oh I'd love to be a stay-at-home mum but it's just not possible I'm afraid. Too many bills to be paid following our wedding in June!! D'oh! xxxxxxx
  • lol! weve gotta work out all the stuff we need etc so hopefully if we pay most of debt off b4 baby it will be poss! image
  • I'm on benefits so won't get anything, just income support after 29 weeks. I thought I might get maternity allowance but I won't even get that, it seems slightly unfair as I have been working, just not enough to qualify. And the only reason for that is until November I was in full-time education, I would have worked if I could have. My oh works but it's a funny situation really, we're planning to move in together but he earns too much for us to claim benefits and too little to support a family. I'm planning to start working part-time a few months after he's born. My oh works nights and his mum is a childminder lol so that's childcare sorted. x x x
  • God I haven't even thought about childcare yet!!!! xxxxx
  • I thought my maternity deal was OK until I read about yours, SWillo.
    I get 10wks on full pay and then up to a year on SMP. But when I'm on SMP I'll be losing over ??1000 a month so I'm not sure how long I'll be able to take off work. Then who knows how we'll find the money for childcare, it costs about ??40 a day at the nursery nearest to my house ! Suz x
  • I don't know what its called but there's a scheme where if both parents work full-time u get benefits for childcare that pays for 75% of the costs. I don't think it discriminates against income either, as my oh's mum looks after 2 kids, there parents have high incomes I think, and they get it. x x x
  • I know what you mean about childcare costs Suz! The nursery where I work charge ??40.50 per day/??200 per week!! There's no way we can afford that! I'm hoping my sister will be able to help me out. She has two kids of her own and one will have started school when I will need childcare so fingers crossed! She doesn't know I'm pregnant so I can't discuss it with her yet!! Going to tell the family on Christmas Day (even though I'll only be 10 weeks).

    That scheme sounds great Tiger Lily - must look into that!! xxxxx
  • Don't want to make everyone jealous but I get a pretty good deal. 13 weeks full pay 13 weeks half pay 13 weeks SMP then further 13 unpaid. Add to that my time off crosses 2 holiday years, and we are saving like mad just now, I am hoping to manage 13 months off. Who would want to go back after that?! Childcare will be expensive, however, I have 2 grandparents close by and my sister in law works in a nursery, so I am sure we can sort a financially sensible option out. Because much as I hate to say it, my mortgage is too big to not go back!! xx
  • I get 6 weeks 90% then 12 weeks half pay, then the rest on SMP, i too will only be able to take 6 months off as we can get a mortgage break for that length of time, i am like suz& bump loosing over ??1000 a month so bills will be tight, being the main wage earner i need to come back to work to pay them. baby will go into childcare between hubby shiftrs i think, so another expense to pay, but dont mind too much cant be helped
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