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this one is mainly again for stay at home mums...what is each day like for you??how do you do things? when does the housework get done?do you have playtimes and worktimes?im new to all this and finding it a struggle and if you read my last post youll know why...id appreciate hearing about anyone elses routines. have a 3 year old who isnt at nursery til january and am 3 months preg too... she doesnt have a nap in the day anymore so its constant.she is also very clingy, wouldnt ever just go and play with her toys without me so its a struggle to get thigns done.
and another thing id like to hear about...does anyone feel they get thought badly of because they choose to stay at home....do your working friends with children seem to think you are just lazy and cant be bothered ...stuff like that.?i have a degree (from 4 years ago) which didnt really get me a good job, but i have always worked up until now, and people keep saying "why are you just at home when you have a degree?"do they think i just cant get a job?i am doing this to bring up my child, this is my choice...ahhh!!! (another rant sorry!)

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  • i am a stay at home mum and i have a rutine that i stick to unless my daughter is ill or sumin,
    i get my daughter up in the morning, make breakfast, then we watch a kiddie program for half a hour, after that its time to clean my daughter picks some toys and plays with them on the sofa till iv hovered, moped, polished in front room, then she plays on the rug or what ever she wants to do, while im cleaning the kichen, when done in there its bath, brush teath and out the door for nursery,i pay bills or what ever i need to do till i pick up my daughter at 3pm,
    we go home mabie play a few board games or paint, spend some time with my daughter, we do that till about 4-4.30pm then go and see family or friends.
    at 5 we het home and daughter watches programs while i make tea ready for 5.30pm(when boyfriend gets in).
    after tea partner plays with daughter while i clean up, then we have family time usually walk the dog together, then its wash and bed for my nakerd 3 1/2 yr old. then its time to chill, thats basicley it.


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