middle names plz

hi ladies just wanted some help on a middle name for our bubs its a boy and we are calling him jack

i like jack daniel but it gets the responce you would think and advice plz

surname pawlingimage


  • Hiya,
    We're also thinkin of Jack 4 a boy. Have u got ne family names u can use, if its a boy ours middle name wil b james (oh middle name) and if a girl prob mary as thats the middle name all girls on my side have.
    Or perhaps a name that was ur second fave when choosin?
  • hi we are also going to use jack for a boy, but think its quite hard for middle name to go with.

    maybe Dylan or aaron but not sure, so i will also be watching this post!

  • i think Jack daniel is a great name! You could also call him JD for short if you wanted.I like more unusual names so probably wouldn't be much help thinking of others to go with Jack, sorry not much help lol.xxx
  • Hi, we are having David as a middle name if lo is a boy - but only because that's my dad's name, and he never had a son to name himself after!! Whereas my hubby has a middle name after his dad! we're keeping the names we've chosen a surprise though - can't wait to see dad's reaction!!!
  • Hi, Jack is quite a traditional name, so you need to think whether you want another traditional name to compliment it or a more unusual name to mix things up a little.

    An idea is to list your fave ones and see how they sound with Jack and Pawling, or go on a baby namer site and search out some in the different categories they have. You may find an unusual or seldom-heard name which is just perfect!

    When I was choosing names, I would always think about how it would sound being shouted accross a playground, or at a school function, and how it would look on a job application or cv. And also how it would sound when they were in their 20's out at a club and introducing themselves to a potential partner! :lol: (Watch the initials too!)

    Good luck! baby-naming is a minefield!! :lol: x



  • We were going to call our LO Jack but turned out to be a girl and we were going to have Jack Andrew (after my Dad) but might be a bit old fashioned for u.

    I like Jack Daniel and i know somebody who had a baby and used that name and it really suits him

    Hannah xx
  • Hi my cousin just had a little boy last monday and they called him Jack Michael after his daddy i like Jack Ryan i think they really compliment things if i was having a boy i was having an Alfie Jake, im on another girl though i think were going for Teigan Sophie Louise a bit of a mouthful but we like it with three names her sister is called Ashleigh Jade Ann Good luck Sophie 31+5 xx

  • We've decided on Jack Christopher for a boy x
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