Worrying pains

I am nearly 6 weeks pregnant and been having really bad period pain type cramps since saturday. Today they are getting worse and ive had ro run to the loo and had diahorrea a few times, once ive been to loo, the pains ease off a bit but come back again. I am really worried that something might be wrong image
I have had no bleeding or anything, so i know thats a good sign. I have phoned doc and waiting for her to call me back.

Anyone know what this could be and if its normal?


  • Hi soon2bebride!

    Cramps are quite normal, they say its the stretching of your uterus and i also went through this between 3-7 weeks, they ddnt last too long, just about 10 mins or even less but i guess everyone is different.
    If you are very worried though and like you say they are really bad then i would def talk to your midwife/doctor to set your mind at ease.
    Hope all is ok and try not to worry too much image
  • Doc phoned back, she said pretty much the same as you, that alot of things are stretching and that cramping pains are quite normal and not to worry too much! She said if i see any blood then come straight in, but she thinks alot of the pain and diahorrea will be due to a bug that ive prob picked up as pregnant women are more likely to catch bugs etc.
    I really hope all is well, i get myself in such a panic lol, is that normal to be wary of every twinge and niggle?

  • Oh thats good then. Yes its very normal, welcome to the world of worriers! lol Im always worryng about the slightest thing! Im 13 weeks now and after seeing the baby at my 12 week scan my mind was put at rest but m already starting to worry about things again! roll on my 20 week scan! ha x
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