This sounds so stupid, but.....

Right, this might get a little confusing and i know it sounds really stupid but has anyone ever heard of getting scratches without scratching yourself? Last week i had 2 big scratches on my boob, my mum said it was probably molly (My puppy) But then that weekend i slept at my friends and noticed 2 on my other boob, only small but deffinately there! So then i knew it wasnt molly. And earlier i was sat smoking and could feel a burning sensation on my boob and went to have a look and had 3 really bright painful scratches there. I know whilst i was sat there i did NOT scratch myself and molly was in bed. I know so many of you will be laughing right now and i feel like im going out of my mind anyway so laugh away! But its so frustrating. Can you get scratches without scratching yourself? It is so painful i had to take my bra off. Am i going crazy???

Any replies gratefully recieved! xxx


  • Hey hun

    You say that u take ur bra off as its hurting u like hell!! is there anyway that the bra could be causing it? as boobs are really sensive these days while preggie.
    Have u tried different bra since that first started?

    Let me know
    Cheriste xxx
  • Hiya cheriste, thank you for your reply. Each time it has been a differant bra. And after how red and sore my boobs are now when i took it off i even gave it my mum to check to make sure there was nothing in it to scratch me as she thought it might of been that too but there was nothing. My bra's arent too tight just had to take it off because the cup touching it was making it more painful xxx
  • hey there
    is this ur first baby? if so how far gone are u? as its sounds like strech marks to me but not sure so if i was u hun i book an appointment with the midwife and speak to her or doctor and see what they say!

    Good luck and keep me up to date as am confused myself

    Cheriste xxx

  • Hello again, yes this is my first and im only 13 weeks tommorow. If you saw them they just look like scratches, it looks such a state because the whole of one boob is covered in them. Ive cried already over it tonight because i felt like i was going mad and it looks so bad image xx
  • Hi Mikayla - could it be stretch marks??? When they are bad they are red and sore and look a bit liek scratches. It would make sense that they've just appeared from nowhere! Best of luck hun - try not to let it upset you, Laura xxx
  • Hiya lola, ive never had stretchmarks before but dont think these are just because they look so much like deep scratches, as though ive been attacked by a cat! I dont even have a cat! lol its driving me crackers!!! x
  • hi
    dont worry your not going cazzy i had the same thing but on my belly i to though i was going mad i thought i was scaching myself in my sleep so i put gloves on but they still appered they are strech marks but mine do look like i have had a fight with a cat or something they will get better i have been useing cream just to help with the soreness hope this helps but dont worry your not alone xx (sorry about the spelling )
  • Hi mikayla
    In my last pregnancy I got horrendous stretch marks on my tummy that just appeared over night and they were exactly how you are describing yours. They were very red and sore and looked like they were about to bleed. Have you noticed that your boobs have got bigger tho, coz I only thought you got stretch marks like that if you skin is pushed right to the limit. Also i no this sounds stupid but pregnant women are more prone to skin conditions such as exzema so it could be something like that. Keep us informed about it, Kerry xxx
  • Hi Mikayla. I have got a really red/burny patch inbetween my boobs at the mo, have got loads of spots there and the other day i noticed a scratch right down the middle. think i had done this to myself as it was quite itchy and burny and had been rubbing it.

    I think this is down to my boobs growing and also its a sensitive area anyway. But yours sounds quite worse, are the scratches scabbing over, if not id say they are probably stretch marks. Mine did scab and has now gone so i'd obviously scratched myself at some point.
  • Hiya kerry, I dont think they are stretch marks because my boobs have hardly grown at all, only a little bit. Its so weird, they look horrible!! x
  • My guess then would be ex-ma it comes in all sorts of funny ways. My little boy suffers with it and gets wat looks like acne on his bottom and legs, however i suffer with it and it looks nuffin like his as myn jus makes my legs go like sandpaper it really weird. Pregnancy does funny things to your skin, but if your worried go c gp or mw they mite be able to giv sum cream or sumfin. Keeps us informed. Kerry xxx
  • Thank you kerry, if it gets any worse im going to make doctors appointment. If it doesnt then ive got next mw appointment on the 28th and will mention it then xx
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