4d scans for overweight girlies

Hello girlies

hope your all doing well, just wanted to ask a question i really want to get a 4d scan but someone said to me that if you are overweight its not worth it as you dont get a clear picture through the layers of fat....to be blunt!

So if any of you big bootylicious girls and have had the scan and it was worth it please let me know.
Im only 16weeks pregnant so there is no rush as yet.

Thank you


  • I had a 4d scan and it was fab! it was so clear and the pics we got are fantastic. When I had mine I think I was about 26 weeks and pre pregnancy I was a size 16-18 so not exactly a skinny minnie!!
    Get one, they're fab and give you a great insight as to what your baby will look like!
  • Well before i fell pregnant i was a size 18 now im a 20 and only 4months pregnant but you have given me some great news so i think i will book one, i thought they did them at about 32 weeks?
    ive been told they charge ??250 does that sound right?
  • No way! I paid about ??95, I only bought the photos though as the dvd images were too slow and shaky and I've never watched my wedding dvd so didn't think I'd watch this one either!!
    The pics were fab, they printed out about 6 for us but then gave us the cd with another 25 images or so on and we had those printed ourselves.
    I was told between 26 and 32 weeks is the optimum time as I recall but as I was a bit chunky I decided to go earlier rather than later . If you ask the centre where you get it done they'll normally give you honest advice. Have a good look on the internet as I bet there are some deals to be found. Where are you from?
  • i live in hertfordshire, where are you from? up north is cheaper i know that
  • HI I live in Herts and paid ??195, unfortunately my baby's head was down to low, we tried 3 times but unfortunately no photo's very disappointed, I was a size 16 before pregnancy.
  • How far gone were you? where in herts did you have the scan? i know there is a place in hertford but i think they are expensive
  • Hi Gempot
    I was 26 wks on the first visit & 32wks on the last, we went to a clinic in St Albans, but they did deduct ??95 from us for confirmation of the baby's sex.But it would be a lovely keepsake. Good luck x
  • Have you got the name of the place? so i can look them up on the net, did they get the sex wrong? or did they tell you when you didnt want to know?
  • I have booked one for the 25th of this month. I am a size 12-14 sometimes 16 on top (pre-preg, lol) and about just over half a stone overweight? I guess it depends where you carry the weight though as mine is mostly on boobs/thighs lol. I haven't been told that it affects scans though - my oh's aunt is overweight I'm guessing a size 16-18 and she had some amazing 4D scan pics...x x x x
  • Hi
    Its a clinic in St Albans,its for 2 photo's and a DVD they did say the sexing was included in the cost but because the scan was unsuccessful they charged me for confirming the sex which I did think which cheeky. There are lots in London on the web advertising for cheaper fee's but whats included I don't know. I hope they have got the sex right will soon find out baby due in 8 days. The hospital said it was a boy but we asked them to confirm .

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  • I want to get one done, obviously later on but ive been looking at www.babybond.com there prices seem to be reasonable and they have centres at locations all across the uk x
  • It does pay to shop around and find out what their policy is if the scan is unsuccessful, there are loads advertising in the baby mags.
  • this is what i love about this site, you girls know so much info its great!
    Traci i really hope your birth goes well, im well scared about giving birth but i dont have to worry until june for that so im pretty chilled now!

    i def wanna get a scan and i really want to know the sex of my baby im too impatient to wait until the birth

    thanks to all of you that have replied
  • Hi gempot
    I wish you luck with your 4D scan, I know its not to everyone choice to know the sex but to us it makes it more personal, plus we can decide on a name beforehand. Let us know how it goes. xx
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