First Anti natal class

Hi all , well I had my first anti natal class yesterday and as promised here is a summery of what went on.
My midwife first went through some exercises to help get the baby in the correct position for birth which can be done from around 34 weeks, such as bouncing on a birthing ball, how to sit and so on. She then went though the on set of labour and the signs it was starting, waters breaking, show or contractions and what to do when each one happens. Then she talked us though each stage of labour, different positions we may want to try, water births and pain relieve. She also answered any questions that we had. All in all I think that it was worth going along too and will put your mind at rest if you have any questions or concerns. Next week is all about assisted births............
Tammi xxx
28.5 weeks


  • how many classes will you be having? just wondering coz my midwife not arranging any classes untill im at least 34 weeks and theres only 2 classes, i thought there would be more then that.

    glad you enjoyd it. love hayley 31 weeks and 3 days xxx
  • Hi Haley I have five in total, 1 more on labour then 1 on pyhsio and then 2 on caring feeding baby. Each one of our last about an hour. Yours might be longer? We also have a visit to the labout ward on the 6th April.
    Tammi xxx
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