F.A.O Lauragcam

Hi there. I just wanted to ask if everyone asks yu if those are your babies eyes. cause mine is like that too. and they keep laughing at my pic.i got really annoyed one day and said to my friends at least i can conceive. I was really upset!!!!!


  • ha i know! my scan pic is a bit freaky, i think it looks like an alien (poor wee thing!) i think it is its eyes and its teeth bits as far as i can tell..people generally say "oh thats quite a clear one isnt it" but they are probably thinking "oh man that baby looks quite freaky", this is my second baby and the pic is very different from my first..if anyone says anything ill just say well its our beautiful baby! x we are attatched to our babies no matter what their pics look like, other people are just jealous so dont worry x
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