HELP! Got a VFP this a.m!

Hi, Think I just made that up, sorry.

I POAS this morning after CD39 and no period (although some brown spoyying last night - sorry if tmi) and I got a VFP i.e VERY FAINT POSITIVE!image

Hubby doesn't want to get excited too soon, althouh he does admit there was a 'very faint' cross in the first window (Clearblue test if that would mean anything more or less!?)

I know about the implantation sign as did manage to conceive in Aug although that ended with a MMC in Oct, however I didn't getting the sharp pain this time that I got when it happened last time???

Still feel as though AF coming any moment but been so tired that I have only just got up out of bed.

Am I tricking my body to thinking I'm PG because I want it so much, or is the test faint because I have maybe tested too early?? Any help welcome girls.

Thanks, A very confused (but hopeful) Em xxxxxxx:\?


  • Hey Em, how exciting, i remember getting a VFP on a clearblue test, i decided to do another test the next day but using a clearblue digital, they are accurate and it spells it out for you... i would do another test with first urine in the morning with a digital, goodluck.
  • Hi Em!!!!!!

    I would take another test tomorrow morning, but if its any help, my first positive test was sooo faint! I did one the next day and it wasn't a bold line but defo a line!

    I also had the feeling that AF was going to come and it lasted for about 2 weeks or so. Very strange!!

    No matter how faint the positive is, its still positive! I don't know what cd39 means but it could be cuz you are testing early, or you could just be like me and never have a very strong line!!

    Let us know what the test says tomorrow!!!!!
    Good luck,

    33 + 2 weeks xxxx
  • Hi Em

    I took 3 clearblue tests when I got my bfp and the cross was really faint with all of them. I would say get a clearblue digital and do it first thing tomorrow morning - this is what I did, as for period pains I got them loads in the first few weeks they even woke me up in the night they were so bad!

    Good luck and let us know how you get on!


  • i also had a very faint line o a cheap brand test,so then i did it again the next day still with a second cheap brand and it was still very faint, then i did another to be sure clearblue and it was still a faint line and was and am pregnant 19 weeks, so i think you most likly are pregnant! let us all know when u have peace of mind that you are love hayley xxx
  • i also had very faint line on a cheap test this wasnt first wee off the day it was in the evening when i tested. because i was on the pill OH didnt believe that there was anything there so rushed out to the asda and got a clearblue and i did that within half an hour of getting the faint positive and there was a really strong blue cross in the box.

  • Hi Girls, thanks for your words of wisdom.

    I posted this on the Pregnancy forum by accident instead of the Trying to Conceive one I usually visit...perhaps it's a sign or something!!! Thought I was going mad when I couldn't find the note in the other section so I wrote another one! I hear diziness is sometimes a side-effect of PG!!

    Def going to Boots tomo first thing to get a Digital test. Really hope its a BFP as could do with some good news after my MMc of twins in Oct. Will keep you posted.

    Fingers crossed and all the best for you guys.

    Love Em xxx
  • Have done two tests this morning - both say BFPs!!!
  • congrats Em, now take things slowly and carefully and totally relax. goodluck.
    Ingrid 36+2
  • wow Em!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! image
  • Congratulations!!!!!!!
    I'm so happy for you!
    Good luck for the rest of your pregnancy!
    Amy 33+3 xxx
  • Congratulations!!
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