OT - what cake should I choose!!!

Hi all

I have a party with family in two weeks time for hubby's 30th! Its very early as his actual birthday is the day before baby Angus is due!!!

I want your opinions on which birthday cake to get him!

I've already decided on one of these as he LOVES cheesecake & profiteroles... but its more desserty, so I do want to get him another one.

My 3 options are these: (as hubby loves golf, loves gardening and loves dogs!)




Mum suggested a cake from Costco as they are cheap and huge! But have never tasted one... anyone know if the big costco birthday cakes taste good?!?!?!

Thanks all!
Joo xxxxx


  • I love the dog cake thats fab!! I would love some of that profiterole cheesecake too lol looks yummy



  • Are you not making it yourself Joo?!?! :lol:

    Personally I like the golf one best. Which is odd as I love gardening and dogs but hate golf!!
    The gardening one is really brown and as spring is on the way (hopefully!) the green of the golf one looks nice and colourful. And I couldn't bring myself to take a sharp knife and slice off that poor puppies head!! :lol:

    They are all great though so good luck deciding!! I made my dh a butterscotch caramel cake the other week for his birthday. It didn't rise very much and was horrendously sweet but he loved it!!!

  • Butterscotch caramel?? OMG I am loving the cound of that my OH would love it lol! Mine wants me to make him some chocolate caramel shortbread. MMMMMM all this talk of cakes is making me want one!



  • I'd have to go for the golf cake - I looked at that for OH for his 40th this year but he's decided on no celebration whatsoever... :cry: :lol:

    can I come, just for a slice of the profiterole cake... Yummy!!!!! Might have to order one of those for us anyway.......... image

  • I'd love to try! But not sure I will have time as the party is on Saturday afternoon and I have no leave left to do it on the Friday before... I am too tired in the evenings, plus he is always around!!!

    I'm getting my sister and mum to do all the cooking saving me any hassle! LOL

  • sorry to butt in here from ttc(i always have sneeky peeks on here lol) anyway smy sister got a cosco cake for her oh 30th and it was delicious,huge and cheap,i have never had sponge so sofe and the jam was beautiful in fact it was 1 dam good cake lol hope that helps lol
  • Thanks grudie!
    I really wanted to hear if anyone has had the Costco cakes... they do look YUMM and HUGE but its all about the taste isn't it!
    Was it recent her birthday? Also, which Costco was it? We're closest to Reading. Just wondering if the same branches would do the same cakes?

  • OHH MMYYY GODDD!! that cheesecake looks amazing!!!! i could so eat that right now!! I have saved it to my favourites lol!!!

    I really like the gardening one and its cheaper to.

    Personally i dont think the costco ones look any where near as nice as the ones you have chosen and you knw these cakes are not just any cakes there marks and spencers cakes lol

    ooohhh you have made me sooo hungry lol
  • you knw these cakes are not just any cakes there marks and spencers cakes

  • Fair point about being tired!! I had just started my mat leave so had all day!!!

  • m&s cakes are always amazing but omg i want that cheesecake it combines my two fav puddings!
  • I would go for th dog cake as the last time i ordered a cake from marks for my sisters bday it was stale. I've never had any other problems with them and they did send a replacement, but kind of a bit late by then!
  • I NEEEED that cheesecake!

    Out of the other cakes though the gardening one is my favouirte, how cute are those little carrots and radishes!

    The golf cake comes second!

    Bec 30+5 x
  • The Costco one is realy cheap and huge and the sponge is really soft but I thought the icing was really sickening, even with a small piece. I like the novelty cakes and love the golf one and the dog one xx
  • oh I LOVE the dog one! the cheesecake also looks like exactly what i need right now (off work sick and craving cake!?!)

    and i agree with babyblue we had a costco one a while back and the sponge was nice but the icing was just too sickeningly sweet.

    have fun!

    aileen xx
  • im away up in scotland hun so not close at all lol,it was sept last year,maybe you could ask to try some or something?

  • I like all the cakes!
    But I would say, I had marks and spencers cake for my wedding cake and got so many compliments on how nice it was, if that helps!
  • I NEED that cheesecake!

    I am not really a cakey person but love flapjacks and cookies and things, am hoping to fill my maternity leave days with baking (before baby arrives obviously!)

    I like the gardening cake.
  • Yummy Profiterole cheesecake thats my faveroite and not expensive. I could eat that right now.


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