Help please from a TTCer about not Bding on CBFM Peak days

Hi Ladies just popping in from the TTC forum........

I am onto 3rd month CBFM.........only got one high (yesterday) this month and BD' peak today (but not going to BD as I work shifts) so will ovulate tomorrow, so only BD 2 days before there still a chance?

Did any of you get preggers without BDing on peak days


  • hi LadyK

    i used the Persona monitor when TTC and got completely obsessed with it. after 12 months of trying got my BFP the month i did not bother using it. out of interest i tracked back to see when i caught and it was on a day that would not have come up as 'red' - (meaning you have to BD)
    so if the CB one is along the same lines i would not worry too much.
    good luck and sending you tons of baby dust xx
  • Thanks I guess a red day is like our peak, we only BD the high before 2 peaks and then the one high after, not holding out much hope this month, looks like we onto month 4 x
  • Hi Hun

    We did it the day before the 1st peak and on the 2nd day of peak but I have no idea what did the trick. Although this was the first time I did it before a peak so you never know.

    Keep trying and fingers crossed you get your BFP soon. It took us 9mths and 6mths using the CBFM !!

  • Hi there...relax i'm sure you'll be ok.

    I got my BFP on monday and we only BD'd 4 days before ov!!!

    Unfortunately Hubby's grandad died and obviously it felt a bit inappropriate. Got smiley face on CBD ov stick day off funeral and pretty much knew i was out for that month as didn't want to pressurise hubby. 12 days later BFP... totally different to other months where we were really organised and aimed to BD 3-4 times around ov so anything's possible

    Good Luck!

  • Thanks girls it gives me hope............if not next month he is there are no excuses, BD on all 5 days haha
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