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best place for a 4d scan?

i want a 4d scan when i'm 27 weeks, i'm 23 on friday how far in advance do i need to book it?? any reccomendations on best place for one? i have used baby bond before, i live in south yorkshire, there is a place called babyview there that seems to have quite a good package. just want to know what u got for ur money?? these were offering different packages from ??99 to ??150 but they were all about 10-15mins dvd and 2 pics. but i have heard people getting 30mins dvd and alot more pics. xx


  • Hi
    I went to window to the womb
    It cost us ??95 for the ebay special package, dvd and a few pics printed off, I think you normally get 15 mins dvd footage but we ended up getting almost 30 mins as baby was naughty. It's not too far from you in nottingham. I booked about 4 weeks in advance I think.
  • thanks, the babyview in barnsley looks quite good too and thats alo nearer to me. is 27 weeks best time??
  • I went to babyvision and they were fab although can't remember what I paid.
    I would say the experience is great but to be honest I only watched the DVD once so wouldn't really worry about that bit.
    I went at 32 weeks which was amazing but as I had lots of fluid they did say I could have gone later.
    Def going to go again with this babe if I get that far!
  • I think 27 weeks is a good time, yes, I went at 26+5.
    You won't regret it, make sure whoever you go with will offer free re-scans if the view is obscured though.
    Em x
  • thanks! i'm going to be sending a copy of the dvd to my mum as she lives 350 miles away! i know she will love it!! i can't wait!! xx
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