anyone got any yet?anyone else developed a weird obsession for crisps and cheese together?


  • Crisps and cheese isn't wierd, they're two of my favourite things! My craving early on was fizzy cola bottles, now I can't stop eating fruit. At least it's healthy I suppose!

    Corinna x
  • Hi Claire

    I didnt need to get pregnant to have that craving except before pregnancy it usually included a bottle of wine.

    I cant say Ive had any mad sudden cravings but I have been eating a great deal of wholemeal baguettes, not bread or rolls it must be Morrissions baguettes. So Im guessing thats a craving, as I have to have them in the house (several packs in the freezer). I was hoping for something more in the line of chocolate or curry so I had an excuse but no luck, a bit boring realy.
  • Mmmm Fizzy cola bottles, now your talking...
  • mm, crisps and cheese. i liked those before I was pregnant lol. I also really like chips and toffee ice cream. chicken nuggets and strawberry milkshake. im strange lol xxx
  • You mean eating crisps and cheese isn't normal? Bugger! The only thing I seem to be craving at the minute is orange squash.
  • no
    they have to be in a bowl together and you put the cheese on the crisps and enjoy.mmmmmmmm.....

  • no
    they have to be in a bowl together and you put the cheese on the crisps and enjoy.mmmmmmmm.....

  • no
    they have to be in a bowl together and you put the cheese on the crisps and enjoy.mmmmmmmm.....

  • I've gone through a few different phases - chocolate really badly, then onto orange jelly (had to be orange though), then salty crisps and now it's apples!

    I'm only 15 + 2.....
  • iv been craving apples to - iv had really bad stomach aches because iv eaten 1 after the other, after the other, after the other, after the other.

    and chicken crisps - but only if they're walkers!!

  • OOOh!!
    I had tuna mixed with Primula cheese and chive spread and dumped on salad leaves. It was the most yummy thing :lol:
    I craved tuna with my son. Bet this is a boy too.
    Pity my tesco express is closed for a refit. Could just munch another tin.x

  • iv had really bad cravings for dove soap! its very strange but i was told that its due to low iron. i eat alot of it and dont get sick! i also really like the smell of all cleaning products especially lavender scented ones! xx
  • You seriously EAT soap?? When I was pregnant with my last daughter it was polos, this time it was doughnuts early in the pregnancy, now it's chewy mints. So definitely a mint thing going on (& I'm having another girl)!!!! I think about them almost all the time, buy multipacks then lock them in the car to try & stop me getting at them. Can easily eat 3 packets in one go!
  • didnt really have any cravings till this morning i really really wanted an apple and some ready brek to dip it in never realy been a big fan of apples either lol with my son it was haribo sour sweets and star burst sweets loved them used to eat them by the bag lol and normally dont eat sweets xx
  • Im the opposite to you Sammie. Im a savoury person usually but since being pregnant I have gone mad for chocolate and sweet things in a big way. Hubby buys me a 4 finger kitkat every day which of course i must eat! Lovin chocolate cake, fudge cake, sticky toffee pud, chocolate brownies, crumble & custard and jaffa cakes. Dont get me wrong, ive always liked a pudding but it seems like every night i have a pudding of some sort (which we never really used to do before) but Im not complaining. Also got some cart' dor marscapone and pistachio ice cream - delish with chocolate cake!!

    What the hell - im due in a week and im gonna make the most of it!

  • got to have nandos extra hot peri peri sauce on everything! going though bottles of the stuff, also been a bit of a favourite has been hot and spicy monster munch! cant stop brushing my teeth as well getting painfull now as i tnink i have scrubbed away my gums, am looking forward for this one to pass as i have to take my tooth brush with me everywhere?
  • I craved fruit really badly, which was very unusual for me, my horses were most put out that I kept eating their apples!

    The only other craving was for McDonalds Milkshake, but only Vanilla.

    Both gone now but hell I still eat both fruit and McDonalds and pretty much anything else I want and blame it on the bump! hehe
  • hiya mine are spicy hot flavour monster munch, bannanas, and anything that has potatoes. iwill eat mash potatoes, waffles or roasties just on their own. lol
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