feeling faint?

i am 20 weks pregnant and feel faint all the time. it doesnt make a difference if i am stood up or sat down. i also have a tingling sensation going down my arms and feel like there is blood rushing around my face and neck all the time.
is this normal? does anybody else feel like this?


  • Hi babe

    I keep passing out as well and like you does not matter if i am sat down or standing. I do't have the tingling in my arm mine more feels like my body is being dipped in hot water.

    I would ring your MW just to ease your mind. I asked mine about it and she said it's notmal for this stage but you want to just get checked out.

    k XX
  • I had this when i was 14 weeks hun and i passed out in the hairdresser's!

    I phoned my midwife and she said that at this stage the baby is really starting to take everything you have. If its not getting enough energy, it'll just take it from you leaving you feeling weak and ill.

    If your worried then give your midwife a call but its usually nothing to worry about.

  • Its normal hun due to the hormones, the increase in blood and the fact your heart is working harder - just take it easy and take your time



  • hey hun, ive also been having that im 35+3 and still get it, ive been told is due to blood pressure and is perfectly normal. defo mention it to your midwife when you see her though xx
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