Is any one else sruggling with boys names

Hi i have a girl and a boy and with my boy we struggled to get a name, This time we have two girls names and we cant for the life of us get a boys name we like.
Girls names are so much easier to pick.
vikki xx


  • Hi Vikki I am glad you have put this I have 2 girls and pregnant with third and through all 3 pregnancies I have struggles with boys names! Even this time round we have 2 girls names we both both like and may decide at the birth but boys nams we just cannot find any that,
    1) our friends havent got
    2) we both like
    3) are a bit different but not too out there!
    4) that go with our girls names

    I have got a strong feeling that this one is another girl though so I may not need to find a name but I think if I were to have a boy it is going to end up being nameless!

  • Hi i am the same you want a really nice name that goes with the other two, that is different but not weird lol
    I to think am going to have a nameless baby if its a boy
    vikki xx
  • i only like girls names!! oh i liked one boys name jack but i don't think it goes with out 2nd name ( jackson). girls names r so much easier! i did like a few other boys names but my hubby hates them!!
  • I haven't thought much about names yet but totally agree its harder for a boys name.On my birth plans I put down the girls and boys names (just in case the scan was wrong!!).I have 1 boy and 2 girls.Am firmly convinced this will be a boy also.Waiting until scan on 21st Feb before I can think seriously about names.Am hopeing to find out which I don't need to think about!!
  • We were the same before we found out our baby is a girl. We have decided on Ruby Anabelle but found it sooo hard thinking of boys names. I really liked Joshua Luke though.

    We have got so used to the baby being Ruby now and hubby already shortens in to Rubes sometimes that if the scans were wrong and we end up with a boy we will call him Reuben.

    I really hope the scans were right though, or we'll have one camp little boy, all in pink! xxxx
  • hi all
    we found at my last scan that we were having a boy (i was convinced it was a girl - & had several names we both liked!) definitely agree with you all that boys names are much harder to chose. so any help choosing would be appreciatedimage as we cant find a single one we both like/friends havent pinched already!!! help?! please!! what have you all chosen??
    gem xx
    27 +1
  • It is really hard to choose names when you are a teacher. Whatever name my husband suggests I can think of at least two students with that name, and you can almost guarantee that it is a student I have clashed with.
  • I like Olivia & Katelyn (which he is sort of agreeing too but it's really early.. lol at nearly 12 weeks) and I like Thomas for a boy and I just read above Jack which has a nice ring to it! (Thanks Jane lol) but my fella likes Charlie and Alfie for boys which I do sort of think are nice but they are just SOOOOOO common now I work with alot children and every second boy has either of those names!
  • It must be love completely agree with you how common alfie and charlie are these days my hubbies name is charlie and when we were preg with 1st we wanted a boy to be called charlie after daddy but 3 of my friends have since had boys and all charlies! So I am not having that now! Another common one nowadays is freddie! I got 2 friends with that name and they named both of them because it was 'different' but around the same time I have heard so many called freddie.

  • We are having a boy & have decided on thomas, i also like jack but our friends have a son called jack. We also liked matthew & kian, but my 2 yr old calls my bump baby thomas now so looks like we sticking with that x
  • i like thomas too but my brother is called that do u think that matters?? they will have different surnames anyway. i liked danny too but my oh's brother is called that and they will have same surname so not sure about that! i liked jack the best just annoying it doesn't go with my surname grr. i am def having molly for a girl i thought of that years ago haha. i will go on a baby name website when i know the sex! xxx
  • ohhh i like freddie
  • If we have a little boy he will be called Kai William we also really liked Jake but my hubby's friend has just called thier boy Jake so will have to scrap that.

  • Yeah I like pretty names for girls and solid names for boys! I like Thomas other half is not so keen on it, so we'll see I might let him have Charlie if he lets me have Olivia (I love the name and already refer to bump as Olivia) I'm convinced i'm having a girl lol prob be completely wrong! lol but really don't mind the term my boys either lol meaning other half and baby boy, lol I think it's quite sweet! lol x
  • I liked harrison but a friend is due next week and its going to be a harry so had to rule that out. I like tyler and dillon but hubby doesnt the only one he agreed on was Harrison.

  • I sometimes look on a website called for ideas. You type in names that you like and it will suggest alternatives to you. You can store your favourites and bar ones that you definately do not want.

    Girl Friday - You could type in the boys names that you have listed above and ask for girls names.
  • we called our lo olliver spelt with two l's/.

    we had loads of boys names we liked but couldnt think of any girls names we liked, so we were glad it was a boy!

    erm, I know someone who has a lil boy called darwin... then theres a scott, liam, Cole, Theo, Brad(ley), John, James, Luke, Matthew, Mark, Joshua, Jake, Lincoln, Dean,

    the only girls names we both like is June (my mums name) but we did think of bethany, Tabitha, Susie (susan), Pamela, Elisa, Rebecca, ...Come to think of it I really like the sound of Rebecca June......

  • i dont know what im having so i have been loking for both two girl and boy names, that way when the baby is born we can pick the best. girls names i had no problem we think Krystal Gachette or Kashta Gachette, but for the boys they just sound rubbish.

    I had Kieran Gachette or Michael Gachette. but i don't know if i like them. i gotta live up to Demi Gachette which is my step daughters name.

    Its so hard isnt it?
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