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Boyfriend doesn't believe i am pregnant

I have added a pregnant app and it comes back saying that I am pregnant and I am 6 weeks and 1 day pregnant but my boyfriend do not believe that it is true 


  • Hi, have you taken a pregnancy test? 

  • Well I'm so confused here. When u say app u mean u downloaded an app and it says u are pregnant ??? If that's the case I can't say I blame him. U would need a missed period and a positive  pregnancy test not some app that u put symptoms in and it "diagnoses" u. Unless I've gotten what u mean wrong but that's the impression I get by this thread x

  • I got a magic 8ball and I asked if I am pregnant and it say yes u r pregnant and I do not no if that lie 

  • Well if a computer has predicted it then u must be LOL...... although my personal opinion is if u actually believe a computer generated magic eight ball,then u possibly are not quite mentally mature . And I don't mean that in a nasty way it's just u gotta be realistic. If u are trying for a baby and Have a missed period and a positive test then yes u are pregnant ....but I can see why the fella doesn't believe u. He needs solid evidence not mystical bollocks. X

  • good old magic8ball still waiting for my school crush to ask me to prom cause it said he would. 

  • Wow 😂

  • This story...... You couldn't make it up could you? 🙃

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